Hermitage, Tennessee
Not resolved

Never return calls! My last call to them was in November.

Suppose to hear back in two weeks this is January 19 th. Glad I only need insulation replaced. I had also called them in October about the same thing. Never had a returned call at that time either.

That was why I did call back in November. Same results, no call back.

Guess I'll have to come up with a way to solve the problem myself.

Even more glad this is a sliding glass door. So happy I had palla replace my windows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So what office of Pella do you sell Windows out of.

Beware of bogus post!!!


i apologize for the service you received. i am the general manager.

if you would email me your name i will help you resolve this. thank you.


We bought 12 windows from Window World Raleigh N.C. When I called the salesman who sold us the windows,Mike Kurczek and told him our windows were leaking, he told me to call the office.

I told him I called Window World and there was an answering machine on. He said keep trying to call, which I did. Finally after several calls a girl named Tia answered. I explained to her my windows were leaking and pooling on the window sills and down our walls and I would like someone to come to inspect our windows.

This girl Tia kept asking me the same question over and over again,'' How are the windows leaking?'' And telling me to take pictures! I asked to speak with someone who new about windows. She told me no one was there, and kept asking me *** questions, as though she new anything about windows! Why would Window World hire an immature unprofessional girl to answer their customers calls?

She was rude and nasty.I got tired of explaining myself to a *** and hung up. I called back shortly and there was a man there after all. His name was Justin. I explained to Justin how nasty this Tia girl was to me, and then I let him know my windows were leaking and asked him if someone could come over and inspect our windows.

He said someone would call us back, however he couldn't tell me when! This was Jan. 5, 2016 when I called, its now Jan.

22,2016, and Window World of Raleigh N.C. still hasn't returned our call.


Whats your name General Manager? And if your professional you should use capital I'S