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My husband had Window World come measure and order one single window in a bedroom on 12/28/17. This single window cost over $1100.00 and required half down to place the order.

It took over a month (1/31/18) for them to call me back to set up a date to install. They told me they would call me on the day of install (2/5/18) between 8am and 10 am to tell me when they would be at my house. I didn’t want to leave my house in case I was one of the first on the list. By 10:30, I had to call them myself at least 4 tries in order to get an installation time.

I called the office and the field supervisor. They were not apologetic or nice. They just cut me off and said they would have someone call me. I was finally given a time of 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm.

At 3:30 pm I called back to see what time they would be coming. The girl said she would have someone call me. I also called the field supervisor’s mobile phone but he did not answer. Finally, it’s 4:30 pm and the supervisor calls me back to tell me he would have the installers call me.

At 4:40 pm the installers call me to tell me they are on there way and would be here in 20 minuets. It took two of them to talk to me so that I could understand because I do not speak Spanish. So, at this point in the day I’m a tad bit perturbed because I have spent the day confined to my house and unable to run my errands. I’m Lucky I didn’t have to miss work to do this, I’m sure most people would.

They obviously do not find my time valuable. At this point I don’t even think it matters what happens or how the quality of the product is because the bottom line is.... THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!!! It is now 5 pm (20 minutes later) and they have not arrived yet.

They arrive at 5:10 pm. They moved in quickly. Beat the heck out of the window to get it removed. Made a minimal mess.

They didn’t do the neatest job on caulking but it’s ok. Just like that, 30 min later they are gone. Very nice but only one spoke English. But come to find out they just leave the alarm wires sticking out from under the frame.

Just caulked right over them.

We will need to call the alarm company now to fix it. Ugh.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Have my alarm connected properly. .

Window World Cons: Unhappy.

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