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I called window world to replace two window on rental property. The representative came out to measure with me present when i called two weeks later to say place the order; window world said they needed to send the representative again.

Because I was not able to be there I gave them the phone number for the tenant so the tenant could set an appointment at there convenience. The sale person came again at the tenants convenience. When the windows came in I got a call; message left on my answering machine that they were in an ready to be installed. So the same lady name JR that left a message on my machine immediately after she left me a message called the tenant and told them that they had an APPOINTMENT to install the window on the very next day.

How could they have an appointment when she never spoke to me. I'am the owner an I always oversee any work done. It seem to me they had extra people and wanted to put them to work. When I spoke to the tenant and was told they had installed the windows I was a-polled.

The tenants told me that the installers took a long time an they appeared to be having difficulty.The tenant asked what the problem was and they were told that the salesman didn't measure correctly (there you go) when I drove up to the house an saw the windows; I was ASHAMED because everyone that drove by saw new windows with window world stickers affixed to the windows one was higher than the other BIG AS DAY.I called the company after examining the windows and told them they are miss align so they sent their supervisor out he sad they were off but not that much. One window sit higher than the other and one protrude out further than the other mind you they are side by side with just a strip in between.

Never again will I use window world or endorse them. Work done in 2014

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Window World Cons: Lied to tenant about install.

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