Aurora, Colorado

I had 9 windows replaced with Window World in Denver/Centennial. The windows where good, however the installation was the worst I ever had for any home improvement project.

The windows where put in crooked, so they wouldn't lock or slide, he drilled holes into the bottom of the window not into the sides to attach them to the frame, the trim finish was all caulk, the installer's knife gut a gash into my new counter top, which he claimed he did not do, installer left broken glass on the outside of my house... it goes on and on. Over the course of a month they sent over another installer to correct the mess the 1st guy made. Eventually the windows operated.

However I am concerned that they are just caulked in and as that dries and weathers, it tends to crack and let in moisture and air.

I guess you get what you pay for. It all comes down to the quality of the installer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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I ordered windows in mid-October 2013, it's now mid-January 2014 and no windows yet. When I made the order and gave them 50% up front I was told 6-8 weeks for production and install.

Well it's been 12 weeks. Dear wife is not happy and has made attempts to talk with them but communication with them is not quite timely or easy. Anyhow today 01/15/14 got call @ 3:31pm to confirm an install for 01/16/14 @ 8:30am. Great but they haven't called before so they obviously think that I can drop everything and take a day off on a moments notice.

Which isn't going to happen.

(side note City says that no one has pulled a permit yet, don't think they are going to get one after 4pm the day before)

I tried to call them back when I got out of my meeting at 4:13pm and they were not open (business hours are 8am-4pm)so there was no one to inform that with such short notice...nobody's going to be there.

So at this point I am concerned enough to recommend NOT ordering windows from Window World of Denver. :sigh


Well as an update, I am having difficulty even communicating with the only person at Window World of Denver that a person can get a hold on the phone. This Suzanne customer service rep. / coordinator / scheduler has now cost Window World my business.

I would recommend NOT using this company.


Do not trust this company with your window replacements. They have 13 BBB complaints in the last 2 years, look for yourself.

Here are the reason's why I would strongly suggest finding another source for your window replacement: they took 5+ months to install my windows (but promised only a few weeks), 5 of 9 windows installed were not the windows I ordered, they caused damage to the trim of my home, they didn't install one window correctly and it caused water damage to the interior of my kitchen, 3 of the windows do not match the other windows in the home (different frames), they left 4 basement windows in my garage and never installed them, some of the windows are hard to operate, and biggest thing of all they charged me for a permit and never even applied for one through the building department. Now I am responsible for obtaining a permit for the work they did and make sure the installation is inspected and all of these issues must be fixed before inspection, at my cost. I paid 50% up front and now the company is demanding full payment for a job that was illegal, damaged my home and was incomplete.

Do yourself a favor and do your homework before choosing a company. Look at the BBB reports and the reviews and find another company to replace your windows.


Wow, Frank D. your getting just a little to defensive. I dont think your little comment is going to change the minds of those that know Window Worlds windows and installation is done to the cheapest standards by the least qualified.


I wrote back in June about a problem with Window World that I was having at the time. Window World has taken care of my windows after the owner and their head installer/manager(?) got involved.

I finally got my last window installed and my locks fixed. They compensated me for the extra time I had to invest in the process of getting it straighted in the end I would have to say I am happy with their product so far. I think it was a combination of errors on their part but they seemed willing to except responsibility and take care of everything to my satisfaction without excusses in the end.

Since I needed to vent about the problem...I thought I should also give credit when it was taken care of! ;)


I suggest everyone keep your pissed offness to a specific branch or francise area. It is the subcontractors that are hired and not screened that make this list. Window World is an excellent company with an excellent product.

Not every McDonalds is ran the same way!!

@Frank D of Delmarva

Frank D,

Thanks for your comment...BUT according to Window World they do not hire subcontractors. They only employ highly trained installers? Or is that another stretch by window world?

@Frank D of Delmarva

Your an ***!


Window World measured one of my custom windows incorrectly. It has been 8 weeks now with now word on the replacement which should have taken 2 weeks at most!!

No calls back from anyone at the company. About 7 of my 20 windows won't lock - no one available to come take a look at them. Most of my screens don't stay up when I want to pull the windows from the top down. Again no response from installers - too busy with the new customers to finish jobs already started.

So far not impressed and would NOT recommend them to friends.

About 10 calls into this and still no window and no fixes on the locks. Pissed in Littleton!!!


WW Installers make great $ if you’re not a lazy person and will actually work for a living. WW is a volume driven company and Installing volume = really good $ so installer40 maybe you should evaluate your work ethic


The homeowner doesn't know what installers are paid so I would say you are a disgruntled EX Installer of theirs or someone else's. All customers should feel free to contact who they bought from Or the home office.

Window World will try their best to get all concerns taken care of. :?


To Whom it may concern,

At Window World we take great pride in our products, service and installation and we value our customers above all else, thus we are very concerned that you are dissatisfied. We monitor every job very closely and we do not have record of such a complaint, we do not know who you are and we would like to address your concerns. May we contact you directly by e-mail or phone to discuss the specific details of your complaint. Please respond with your contact information so that we may discuss this with you. You may also call us directly at 303-574-9594 or email Rick at


Christina Rose, Window World of Denver Owner


like you installer40?


sorry to say that has to do with WW being the cheapest company out there. if you compare what they pay their installers to EVERYONE else.

you will see they are the cheapest. so,,in turn,,,if they do find a good installer,,,he/she isnt there very long because they found someone else to pay them correctly .

so in turn,,,WW gets what they pay for. they want to be cheap,,,well thats the kinda workers they are going to get