Madison, Wisconsin
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I was a installer for window world and discovered some interesting things about our local branch.For starters window worlds across the country are privately owned and operated.They pay sub standard installation prices which is why they have so many complaints about installation.They often miss classify worker as subcontractors when they are in fact employees. They claim to have windows for $189 and the fact is I don't recall ever installing one.They often had windows that where miss measured and would want me to make them work.Costumer service was poor and they expect you to lie for them.Fact is if you really think hard about it what do you think your getting when they advertise such bull. My advise to all would be look else where.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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That usually cuaess 1 slot to be dead. It wasn't a issue of the cover breaking a slot.

It was a vibration issue. The slots didn't have enough reenforcement. This looks like a irq issue. I would suggest loading bios defaults.

All PCI slots should have irq 11. Don't know why but I was having the same issue when I set the slots to auto instead of irq 11.


Certainly no honesty in this company from product to installations to customer service. Called for their prices & ended up with $424.24 for each window and look different from replica shown when sale is done!

They said people to install with no ID & no verification that they are from the company.

Needless to say the management of the local branch is not truthful about their appointments & returning calls! for mer it was a BAD EXPERIENCE!


I made 4 appointments with window world and each and every time, they cancelled on me. they would give me a scheduled appointment and at the last minute they would call with a lame excuse as to why they can't make it.

I finally came to my senses and went with someone else.

Thank God I did. very poor customer relations.


Learning this first hand, I have never delt with such crooks before :(