The installation involved nine windows and the two installers were done in one day. Because of a problem with the foundation being slightly off on once side of the house the windows were off left-to-right. I told the installers to compensate for the "slant" and make the windows level. End of day the lead guy said, "Hey, lady, did you know your windows are off left-to-right by one quarter inch?" Really!!!

Then they nailed the lower trim sill on every window on the flat lower portion. Now we have to check every few months for caulk integrity to keep it from leaking.

The bathroom window has been replaced three times now due to the seal between the panes leaking and filling with moisture.

Four windows have had to have the balances inside the side of the window replaced because they didn't keep the window up when opened.

We called Anderson and had them come and look to give a quote: the salesman made the call in front of us about the horrible installation and the manager offered 30% off

if they could use photos in their sales to show what you DON'T want for an installtion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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