Newport News, Virginia

As a Class A general and seeing various companies work I would like for the general public to know I have gone behind Window Worlds work and have found several issues. The work and quality of the work is poor, highly unprofessional, and sloppy.

I have seen Window World install windows into rotten window framing and the installers knew the framing was rotten and installed the windows regardless. There are several other issues but I would highly suggest to find a reputable window installer and use them.

As a general contractor in Va. Beach I would never recommend Window World for quality and workmanship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I think Alabama Window Installer is a bit confused about the installation of the windows. I sound like the windows installed were a retrofit design with an exterior flange.

The new window is installed over the old window frame which leaves a gap on the interior which as standard is trimmed with a flat vinyl trim that has a self adhesive strip on the back side.

As an upgrade option the interior frame can be trimmed with "jamb & casing of typically MDF. This would increase the cost maybe $100.00 a window and the homeowner would have to either hire or paint the new trim......something a lot of people just do not want to do.


A Contractor talking Trash, we are behind you 100%! Window World was going to leave these HUGE gaps in a customers windows & their idea of fixing it was covering it up with some thin little plastic sticky strips. We will not stand behind Window World!


I had rotten wood in my home and the installer stopped what he was doing and told me abbout the problem. I did pay another contractor to fix problem, but that is okay, as I understand that WW installes windows not repaires rotten wood.


As a general contractor in Va. Beach I would never recommend Window World for quality and workmanship.