Columbia, South Carolina

I sure hope that most of the consumers out there are smart enough to realize that most of this B.S. on this board is from competitors that are on the *** of closing their doors.

It's simple economics people. They do more windows in the United States than anyone, when you buy more the price goes down. Thats how they crush the wannabe competitors. Wow!

I'm getting a little worked up. I wonder if they will hire me for future PR work? Window World has done numerous jobs for me and my family and will continue to do so. They are corporate sponsors of St.

Judes Childrens Hospital, they donate their aircraft and pilots to the Veterans Airlift Command(to transport wounded soldiers and their families) and several other community programs. They have over 217 stores and some may not be perfect, but simply ask for references!

I commend Window World of North Charleston for their wonderful staff, and professional installers. You will definitely be doing more houses for me!

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window world doesn't make windows, they buy them from alside and peddle them as ww. Product was builders grade, and wait till the seal blows..I have two fogged windows, and hey won't honor the warranty, without a service fee?. Pissed in west ashley sc


Oh, and we HAVE had an inspector since the windows were installed because we've done quite a lot to the house since buying it five years ago and were interested to see what it was up to at that point. The windows were a plus - they're a great grade for our area. We don't get hurricanes, but we DO get tornadoes.


We had 8 windows installed four years ago. The installers were beyond professional - cleaned up after themselves, worked quickly and efficiently and Window World was the only place that said, "Not a problem" with our very large window in a 1940s-built house that none of the other companies had seen (that's what they claimed).

It took the installers 15 minutes.

They're easy to clean, are perfectly installed and no cold OR hot air gets in (and we're in Iowa). Love them and have referred them to several friends who are ALSO happy.


All you happy Window World people, state your name, address, price you paid per window. Tell us about a professional inspection that you had done by an outside source that backs you got what you paid for.

Oh, so you didn't have an inspector inspect your windows? And you aren't willing to testify with documents that you got the windows for $189.00 each and that they are all Low E /Argon filled, and Tempered glass (where it's required). So what you are saying is you are ignorant! Your home is not energy efficient, or safe!

if you go to sell your home, and the permits weren't pulled (as required in more and more locations) Heck, good luck when the Hurricanes come, you might even have flooding in your home! I can push on my picture window and the window gives! How's that going to hold up with Hurricane winds! Or maybe they weren't intended to hold up?

Humm... More window replacing, why how convenient! What a profitable business to be in! A lot of repeat business built in!

Except what Window World didn't figure is not all customers are ignorant, or willing to walk away when they've taken their thousands of dollars... not in this economy!


window world was the best. They were like family.

Prompt service, great price. Too bad there aren't more companies like this in America


Wait until winter people. wait until winter......


Wait until winter people. wait until winter......


Same price, size does not matter, think about it. Their brochure warns you about having an aluminum spacer between the glass, that it can cause damage, condensation and a wide variety of other thing, then they sell you a window with an aluminum spacer!!! DUH!!!

They are a copy cat of McDonalds, worst food, best advertising.


:grin AAA+++ Another great job for me here in S.C. as well. I will always use Window World and recommend them to my friends and family as well.


I agree! They provide a great window at a great price.

That's value. As far as a few complaints - when they do over 100,000 jobs per year, you are a large target and you are bound to see some complaints.




You are 100% correct my friend! I love my new Window World Windows!

You can have your smooth talking salespeople and their 6 and $700.00 windows. I'm sticking with Window World.