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I sent an query to WW for costs to replace 17 windows. Got a pleasant email from rep named Katrina. I had time before that to review complaints online about WW and what a SHOCK! I kindly let Katrina know that based on all the complaints I was going to pass doing further business with WW. One hour later I get the following letter from the President of WW - Greg Deathridge attacking me and other industry competition in a very condescending and very unprofessional response from an Executive in the business. If he felt compelled to send me such a nasty, aggressive and attacking letter in order to defend WW then we made the right decision to take our business elsewhere. I am happy to provide anyone that would like a true copy of the email if you want it for yourself. Stay away from communicating with WW, especially the President of the company. Now, had he made the approach to emphasize what WW offers in comparison to the competitors I may have listed but he did not,, he ATTACKED immediately!!! here is his letter:


I understand you selecting someone else for your Window project however, in light of your comments I felt it important to lay out a few facts.

1. Window World is the largest installer of Replacement windows in the United States.

2. Window World has an A+ rating with the BBB. ( our complaint ratio Nationwide is .0003 %) By the way , if the complaint ratio is the sole reason for doing business with someone then I assume that you do not purchase product from Home depot or Lowes as both companies ratios are off the charts and neither belong to the BBB.

3. We are one of Three companies in the Country to earn the Prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal which gives you a Money back guarantee from their 100 year old organization. ( We looked and couldn't find Thompson Creek on that list)

4. Window World is ranked above Anderson, Pella, Milgard and others by J.D.Power and associates. (Only Simonton ranked above us.) Further J.D. Power and Associates said in their published ranking report that Window World had the best Warranty package in the industry. ( We also checked this list and couldn't find Thompson Creek)

5. Window World installs over I million windows per year so the fact that you would see a few complaints across the Country is not surprising when we are in 4 times as many houses as our closes competitor. ( That's why we are ranked so high with the BBB because they understand that it is an exceptional feat to maintain a .0003% complaint ratio with this type of volume.

6. Window World has raised 2.2 Million for ST. Jude's Children's hospital in only 4 years. (That's why I was taken aback by your comment that " you would not feel comfortable doing business with a company like us" wow!

7. Window World's installed price is 50% less than what you just paid with Thompson Creek with a product that doesn't rank as high.

Finally, I'll close with this question… If you have a small tear in your Window screen 5 years down the road will Thompson creek come back a replace the screen for you with no questions ask? Window World would!!

Greg DeathridgePresidentWindow World of DC,, Northern Virginia, Las Vegas, Bakersfield and FresnoDC- 703-378-3999Northern Virginia- 540-722-4014Las Vegas- 702-897-8209Bakersfield- 661-871-1510Fresno- 559-294-0991"Simply the Best for Less"

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Um, that letter from Greg Deathridge was very polite, informative, and actually came from the person who signed it (he mentioned specific comments, indicating it wasn't a form letter). If I had expressed concerns about a window company and cancelled my appointment (and I just did that, but not for Window World), I'd definitely reconsider if the president of the company contacted me personally to make his case.

I had told that other company I was concerned that I'd be getting an aggressive sales pitch rather than an estimate, and the person in their call center said that if I went to their showroom with my measurements, they *might* give me a ballpark estimate. Or they might not. I'd have been impressed to get an email like the one this poster shared.

And Greg Deathridge makes an excellent point about the volume of complaints vs. the percentage of complaints. Apples and oranges.


Consumer Watch Group is associated with a WW compeditor. They are spreading many of the lies on this site.

Also didn't see any attack by Mr, Deathridge.


Anon from Baltimore has very thin skin. I do not see anything wrong with the email from WW president.

He stated facts not an attack as the poster claims. The poster should be pleased that an executive would even give him the time of day let alone the companies position in the marketplace.

I suppose the poster would scream if someone truly attacked him. Grow up


My husband & II were just talking about moving forward with replacing all our windows. I immediately said Window World.

We are chronic researchers of ALL of our major purchases. We are not uninformed consumers or "victims". So above all our personal research on a product or company, above all we highly regard & sincerely consider word of mouth. We have heard rave reviews from prior customers & personal friends.

So, be wise in your research folks. You really could be missing out on a smart & ecomonical deal. Do you really expect to get the same windows that are in the Biltmore Estate for a low price? Cmon folks, stop it.

This man also has to run a business. Yes, expect quality & intergrity.

But stop expecting the Kia you had a budget for to run like a BMW. Way to go So Sad!


1. JD Power/Good Housekeeping do not test all products out there or for free. Research what criteria they test for and you will see what their qualifying standards are. They do not endorse the best of the best in anything. It is all about price vs. value.

2. WW handles many customer complaints by hiring a full time person to run around all day and do the patch work installers leave behind. A typical customer cannot tell a great job from an average job or a high performing window vs. a low performing window, hence they never complain to the BBB. All the customer knows is they bought the lowest price. BBB in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX market is suing WW for false advertising.

3. WW store owners have formed a group together and are actually filing a lawsuit against their main office? Where will you be when the cards fall?

4. There are tremendous tax advantages for giving money to Charities.


-JD Power and Good Housekeeping are marketing engines that support manufacturers that want to be tested by them (nothing is free or everyone would do it). When you look at windows from an "engineering" point of view, the WW product is average and a part of the "lower" pricing/quality value programs out there. Consumers need to check w/ these 2 companies above and evaluate what their testing parameters/criteria are for approval. The better products in any industry are rarely rated by these 2 companies above?????

-Their donations to charities is solely for tax purposes.

-BBB complaints: There are many more than documented. WW will take care of the many complaints that linger. How? Many stores have a full time service person that runs around all day doing patch work of what the installers have left behind. A homeowner then becomes satisfied even though they have no idea what a great job should look like or how a great window should perform.

-A large group of their stores have joined together to actually file a "lawsuit" against their main headquarters for violations against them (North Carolina is their main office)

-go to: BBB sues window world in the state of Texas

-When this all crumbles, where will you be standing?


I agree with “So sad,” I see nothing condescending or unprofessional in either letter.

My advice to anyone who reads this thread is; check out legitimate sources and not internet trash sites when you make important decisions on spending your hard earned money.

I checked out the facts that Mr. Deathridge cited and guess what?

I found that they are all 100% true!! Makes you think doesn't it?


My sincere apologies to Mr. Rocha if my response was offensive to him. I was only responding to his comments sent to us over this past weekend. (please see below the two weekend emails)

When you believe in an organization as much as I believe in Window defend it!! I really love this company as it has done so many wonderful things in communities all across the Unitied States. Particularly with our work with ST. Judes.

Again, if my passion offended Mr. Rocha please accept my apology as that was not the intent. I just felt it was important to respond to his comments as they were presented.

Greg Deathridge

Emails that were sent over the weekend:

Thank you,, I am no longer interested. I did some complaint and some BBB searching on your company ,, I would not be comfortable doing business with your company based on research. Please do not contact me further. I signed my contract today with Thompson Creek.

Larry ROcha


From: "Kesha Hitch"


Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 11:14:29 AM

Subject: Window World of DC

Thank you for your inquiry. How can we be of service? We offer appointments to meet with the home owner for a free written estimate on replacement windows (three window minimum). We also offer estimates for gutters, vinyl siding, entrance, garage, storm and patio doors.

Generally appointment dates and times can be set Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday each week at 10AM, 2PM and 6PM; Wednesday 2PM and 6PM and Saturday appointments can be set for 10AM or 2PM. Should you have questions or would like to set an appointment, please contact our office directly at 703-378-7999 at your earliest convenience.

If you prefer to set appointments via email, we will try to accommodate preferred appointment times. Also, at your convenience, please visit and click on ‘View Our Coupons’ toward the right corner of the page. Hopefully one of the coupons available will be one that will offer additional savings to you.


Kesha Hitch

Window World of DC

@Greg Deathridge

I would love to talk to Greg Deathridge, who sold me 20 thousand dollars worth of Procraft Liquid siding, guaranteed for 25 years, then walked away from a product that is peeling off of my house. He is absolutely unethical. I wouldn't buy a popsicle from this guy.


Show me where the letter mentions anything rude, unprofessional or condescending? That just looks like a standard form letter they send out to any customer who decides not to choose them as a way to try and change the customers mind and talk them into using Window World.