Des Moines, Iowa
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I ordered my windows/signed my contract on Oct. 17th, 2011 and going on to week 11 with no windows.

Starting to get worried. I have dropped $2202 for their requirment of deposit. Both my wife and I have called the last few weeks and have been told they have been manufactured, but just waiting shipment to the Des Moines, IA location so the installers can setup a date. I have repeatedly asked for the reasons they haven't been shipped yet/arrived/can't they check to see what is going on between the manufacturer, are they sitting on a pallet somewhere, etc.

and I am told, "sir, we will contact you when they arrive and we can arrage install." I have also asked for a refund, they said that "process is not available." I am giving them until the end of the year to setup a install date, then will seek legal council along with opening a complaint with the BBB. Another thing is my in-laws had someone come out to their place and they were told the windows could be ready to be installed in 2 to 3 weeks. Same exact windows we ordered. With both my wife and I calling for several weeks, we are told the same exact story.

I cannot state how clear I have made it with the people I have talked to where I want to know where my windows are at. Is there a logistical problem, are they sitting on a pallet. It seems that the sales office cannot establish communications with the point of manufacturer. I run two businsses and this is not how you do business.

I have called the Corporate Center and left a message, awaiting to hear back. If I can't get an install date by 12/30/2011, I am afriad I will have to seek legal council along with opening a case with the BBB.

Monetary Loss: $2202.

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Mine finally came in and were installed the first week of January. I had to keep on them though.

It seems the installers did an ok job, just wasn't too happy with the wait. Makes me a little nervous to drop such a large deposit on a home improvement and to wait to see if it comes through.


Tmclemore, we have the same problem we signed our contract on 10/4/11 and we still are awaiting for Window World to contact us. We just found out they charged are credit card for the full amount and windows have not been installed. Needless to say a BBB will be filed with the BBB.


The install was completed to my satisfaction.


Update: I called the corporate office and addressed my concerns with them. The Des Moines office called back and gave me a tentative install date of 1/6/2011. We'll see what happens.