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I was actually employed by window world. I had previously been an installer for a reputable company for 14 years.

After one day on the job it was clear to me that this is the "fast food" "red light guarantee" type of outfit. Their windows are installed without wood stops unless they are previously existing. These are the wood strips that provide structure for the vinyl to rest against, as well as provide a place for adhesive to be applied to which they also do not do. Their idea of your exterior is sheet aluminum which is about 1/32 of an inch thick.

If you are about to spend the large amount of money that it costs to have your windows replaced, don't be baffled by your salesman about all the amazing qualities of the window itself. Proper installation of the crappiest window would be far better than an improper installation of the greatest window. After all it is the proper installation that is what will provide you with years of weather protection. Of course the bells and whistles of a quality vinyl window are a selling point of a salesman, the installation is crucial to its performance.

This is where Window World falls far short. Another key flaw I witnessed was the subpar finish work. I watched as the "lead installer" I was supposed to be learning from improperly cut finish trim and followed that up with one of the worst calking smear overs iv seen in years. Beware of the installer that shows up at your house with white calking smears on his pants.

Its not a sign of a hard worker... its inexperience.

If you are considering this company and your deciding factor comes down to money please know that what you are saving on will be the installation. You would be better off to go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy their budget window and hire a contractor to do your install.

As far as I am concerned all these windows were good for would be standing on!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Harmel is a crook.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Not all installers r hacks and only metal,out windows need new interior stops genius and yes outside u wrap,with pvc covered aluminum.. I agree with caulking if u touch it to wipe it u can't caulk simple but tired of endless,people puting down my trade over a few handy men..not window installers that,claim to install windows...

your fault if u let them do the work...

every company has hacks tl there weeded out ...just cause u ran into one does not mean a nation wide,company sucks.. nore 85% of the employees ...




the problem with dealing with large remodel companies is they have many crews some are good and most are bad, the installers for these type companies make very little and have to install as many windows as possible to make it worthwhile almost all good window installers won't work like this. Unless you know of one of their good installers and request them you end up playing russian roulette with who ever comes out.


I agree with the other comment. It sounds like after day one WW saw that you weren't worth the LEGS YOU STAND ON and terminated your employment.

Now you are pissed and want to get back at them. I have used WW and what you have just stated is so far off in left field.

They put great windows in and BACK their work!!!

What I can say as a person who has WW windows in their home is...view the work they have done in your community, go out and look at homes they have done and talk to your neighbors get their opinions DON'T take the word of people hiding behind a computer because you NEVER know who they truly ARE!!!


Talk about hiding behind a computer... Anonymous commenter...


You must be a Window World employee yourself attempting to cover the muddy tracks your company leaves behind. I know what I saw and it was incorrect.


u must be a ww owner


Sounds like a pissed off employee...