Georgetown, Delaware

Window World representative came to my home and gave me a proposal for almost $9,000 for 20 windows and left brochures with me. When he returned for me to sign the contract I told him I read the warranty brochure that he left and it stated that labor only had a ONE YEAR warranty as opposed to the live time warranty they advertised and the warranty on the windows was handled through a third party company.

He said this issue had been raised before and he would have his boss call me.

His boss called and said not to be concerned about what the written warranty said, he would stand behind the installation.

I was not comfortable since the installation is done be subcontractors so I told him I wanted a five year warranty in writing to cover the windows and installation. He said okay he would do that but I never heard from him or any representative from Window World again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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My warranty actually states as follows: "Labor Warranty - That all labor necessary to correct any ite covered by this warranty will be provided at no extra charge by the company". There are no time limitations on labor for the original owner that I can find.


The labor warranty I for the installer who did the work. Window World covers it for 50 years.....any parts and labor....learn to read


Please contact Window World at 1-866-740-2100 and provide which Window World franchise you are working with and we will contact the franchise owner and ask them to call you.