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Wow Amazed! It has now been a full month and I still have at least 7 of 13 windows that leak water into my home. From your post on this website(which I find interesting that you monitor since your installation and service is supposed to be so good, I can tell that you wrote your blog at 11:39PM, Friday 12/17/10. This was after you came to my home with your "installer" and inspected the shoddy work and agreed to come back to try to fix the hanging capping, lack of insulation, caulking problems, and so on. However, it was before I sprayed the exterior windows with water only to find that at least 7 of 13 leak!!! Nonetheless, I will answer your questions and respond to your comments that you posted. Here goes:

Q: Why would you choose to go to war with your contractor BEFORE they have actually completed the job, or BEFORE you have exchanged a single word with them?

A: Because your subcontractor capped the windows and finished the trim inside, and left the job...meaning he was done. When I came home on the evening of 12/15 at 7:30 PM to find the exterior capping literally hanging off, not nailed to anything (affixed with caulk), the cold wind blowing into my home (no insulation), and zero sills left, this was too much to bear!!! A sloppy job like that is nearly criminal in my opinion. You literally caused damage!

Q: Why would you threaten and slander them BEFORE extending to them the simple courtesy of a phone call, or request a meeting or explanation of a process that may be raising some questions in your mind?

A: No threats. I did everything I said I was going to do. I filed a BBB complaint (now two), filed with the State Dept. of Consumer Protection, and contacted an attorney. Not threats...promises. And, BTW, I did call when I got home on 12/15, three times to be exact because I was so shocked!!! I did not slander anyone...everything I have posted has been absolutely true, and now one month later documented by building professionals (I have letters to prove it). Your accusing me of slander is by very nature "slander"! And, "raising some questions in your mind"? You are raising more than that! try the hair on my back!

Q: Why would you allow someone to continue to work on your house and not say a word, if you have any doubts or concerns?

A: Great question! I told your contractors to STOP when they started using a saws-all to remove the existing new construction windows. I asked why they were doing that when I was told that I was paying extra ($975) to have the siding around the windows removed or peeled back to access the window. My concerns were responded to with a laugh and a response of "that's not how we do it". I have witnesses to this!!! You, on the other hand, were not there!!!

Q: And, if you don't like what you are seeing, why would you not simply ask if there might be some possible alternatives?

A: you are supposed to be the WINDOW PROFESSIONALS! You are supposed to be trained and certified (though now I have found out from your national office not for new installation windows!!) And, if you turn over your own contract, it says "Please no critiquing at this time" and "We get nervous when a customer constantly hovers over our shoulder". Hmmmm...wonder why???


Please follow basic civil and decent rules of engagement so that both sides of the story can be heard. Calling the local franchise in the middle of the night and then slamming them before they have a chance to respond doesn't count.

Response: Again...WOW! Basic civil and decent rules of engagement? Wasn't it you and your own installer who came to my home on 1/16/10 at 8AM, unannounced and who began to get in my face on my front lawn? Wasn't it your installer who threatened to "Rip those *** windows right out of the house!"? Wasn't it your installer who said he would "Take a *** garden hose to the windows and prove they don't leak!" (I wish he did...he would have seen that they do indeed leak! A lot!!!!) And finally, I didn't call in the middle of the night. I called at 7:30 PM, three times, and asked that you please call me back!!! However you did not...you showed up and got in my face so much that my son had 911 dialed up ready to press "send"!!! Civil and decent indeed!!!! What planet are you from???


Window World is fully committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction. You don't become the nation's largest window replacement company without consistent great service and the number one selling quality window in the country. You just don't.

Response: Don't your read the rest of the posts on this website???? What a joke your last statement is!!! "Excellent service and customer satisfaction"...Is that why I haven't heard from you since your last voicemail on 1/7/11 stating that you were working on a solution and you would call me back on 1/10/11 but I still haven't heard from you!!!???!!! :upset

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