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I ordered my windows earlier this year (2016). I had done reviews but obviously didnt sig far enough.

I also had other companies sat we cannot beat their prices. I should have been wary when they didnt have my original estimate and the salesman came to measure a second time. They said we've installed windows there before, ok then why when the association asked for "cut sheets" you had no clue what they were asking for and its an industry term.The windows dont come in on time & when they did noone called me. My appointment for installation was 10 am 6/13.

They called and tried to cancel. I said no I had to take my last PTO hours for this, I have nothing up to my windows, the sun is blazing in. After several hours there installer (I found out is the owners son in law) shows and puts my 4 windows in. But not my sliding glass door.

He said it took two people and they would have to reschedule it. Noone called, I called the office and Gina says I have to speak w/ Mary (the owners wife) she does the scheduling or call the installer myself. No he is your employee you call him or you send another crew to finish the job, "we cannot do that they have to finish the jobs assigned to them, the earliest he can be there is the 28th" *** no that is two weeks after the start date. I told them this was unacceptable and they do not know how run a business properly being in business myself I was civil but also spoke above her explaining how a business is run.

Not only is my life turned upsude down trying to get this done but I live in a Condo which means my neighbors with a newborn are also be interrupte (they were going to use WW but after seeing mine and knowing the issues they are not), I dont have anymore time off and my Mom has to come to the house so she is being put out as well. I told her this was fing bs they need to do something now. 3 hrs later she calls back & gives me a date the following week (still better than two weeks) that someone should be at my house by noon to let the installers in. My Mom gets there and after numerous calls to "Mr.

Awesome" (the installers voicemail name, keep in mind he is also the owners son inlaw) he finally says well it will not be until 6. Fine you are still coming to do this I dont care how long it takes you. He said Gina should have said it would be later in the afternoon, yes she did but after 5pm is now evening. By now Im getting off work.

My Moms entire day wasted. He and another guy show up. The one works on the flashing around the windows and caulks (he was the missing guy on day one supposedly he had been in a non injury wreck on 6/13) the other installer works on the door. The two of them remove and install the doors.

At one point the installer yells for us because there was some rot along the floor, ok that shouldn't affect the instsllation, no , then keep going. At 10pm they finally finished. Before leaving I said thank you I appreciate you working this late to get it done. I also poked a little (thus how I found out its a family business) they said Ginas job is to schedule appts that Mary only handles finances.

I asked how many crews are there or men there are about 10. The main installer said as they were leaving if you see anything like caulking or anything else that needs redone let me know Ill come back dig it out and redo it (it was dark when they left). The next morning I get up and the first thing I see is light coming through the wall (see photo btw I told them to leave the trim because who knew I was going to have to go & buy all new larger trim I thought since they were the same size doors it wouldnt be a problem). I went out front, mind you it was daylight when the guy installed the trim, flashing and caulking the flasing is gapped, the trim is dented and I do a better job at caulking, there is not one smooth line.

I go out back & the same deal. But not only is the trim bent & the caulkkng bad but they bent all the metal trim between the siding & wood condo trim. At the back door they put this huge plastic threshold where the association cannot even replace any of wood trim around the door or on my deck with out ripping this out, why is ut there when the old door and noone else that has had replacements have this. I texted (so I have proof) the installer he said he couldn't come that weekend but he would set up an appt for earlier the following week (this starts week 2).

No calls,texts or returned calls from him or the office all week. 4th of July comes and goes we start week three same ***. Now my father (an engineer) started making the calls & texts (the voicemail now says you are reaching someone that is the master of sex). Not a fing response again from him or the office.

7/11 starts week 4 almost a month. The job isn't complete, the outside looks like ***, my association is threatening to fine me because of the way things look and because I didnt even notice until they pointed it out the windows stick out way further than any of the others in our row that have been recently replaced. I called Wells Fargo and I had a hold placed on my account and said not lmto let anything go through without calling me 1st. Well they dropped the ball and charged me the $2800.

I called & put a hold on the funds & WF now has a dispute filed against Window World. Tomorrow Im reaching out to our local newscrew thst handles things like this and my friend just do happens to be an attorney with the AG's office we've already chatted but are going to speak again as to my next steps.

Also after I purchased the windows all these new BBB reviews came up for this location. I wish they were there back in March.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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