Richmond, Virginia

Window world owner Matt Conley refuses to send out and installer from his company to put my window unit air conditioner back in my window, after I was told by the original installer that I could have that service done a worker has been to my home on 2 occasion's to put the unit in, but he could not because both of the windows were to small, I was not told that the windows would not be the original size. when I called into the office this is what I was told by the associate she gave no explanation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I apologize for the employees who felt it necessary to comment on a 3yr old complaint. It was already mentioned that attempts had been made to reach out to the consumer.

Due to structural nature of vinyl versus wood windows older units do not always make a smooth transition. I hope that after all this time has passed a resolution has also come to pass.


Clearly you can see that the unit would not fit if you are buying different windows. Read your contract...

Window World is not required to send you windows to fit air conditioner. Return the unit and buy another that fits.

Simple! Don't bash a company's bc you are too lazy to buy a unit.


window world richmond is trash stay away


Jared, I am willing to bet that the salesman told you that the WINDOWS qualified for the tax credit.(Not you) How can you possible hold a sales rep responsible for your tax status. They are window reps.

not IRS agents or accounts.. Take some responsibility and do your own tax homework first so everyone who reads your comments won't know how niave you are.


funny how window world pays someone to come online regularly to try to make up/kiss up for so much shotty work and inferior windows.

@mr mister

Um no, actually I'm a human whom understands how to run a business. I bought windows from Window World Richmond, worked with Ashley...

Yes I had a reschedule but I'm human and understand things come up. Windows are in the construction field. Sometimes construction issues pop up after being dug into... These are human installers, ran by human office workers, ran by human owners...

Be real! U make mistakes too.

In the end I'm left with a product I'm proud to have bought. Ashley helped make sure my project was handled with care and I can brag to everyone I know that has a heart.


explain how the salesman from window world minnesota told me an other customers that replacing our windows would get us a 1500 dollar tax return when in reality they all knew it was a tax credit and only applied if you owed money at the end of the year. Alot of these customer where elderly and didnt know better, bunch of good guys huh? run fast.


Per contract, the customer is responsible for removing and installing AC units. Window World of Richmond has attempted several times to contact the customer to resolve the situation - and has been unsuccessful in reaching her.