Lawrence, Massachusetts
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We had Window World of Greater Boston install 9 windows in our home after Window World of Southeastern MA did such a great job installing 15 previous windows. Lesson learned - each franchise operates with very different business practices and Greater Boston cannot be trusted!

Removal of old windows and installation of 9 new ones took three guys 90 minutes.

They rushed the job, broke all our trim, left grimy hand-prints all over our newly painted walls (even walls not near windows at all). They also didn't clean up after their job, leaving sharp bits of wood and screws all over the floor for my 1 year old to find and eat! They also nailed all our trim back into place instead of using the screws (lazy) so it will be really hard to remove when we have to replace their bad product. Finally, when they broke the trim, they tried to cover up their bad job with a little chalking, leaving sharp jagged edges which we had to replace at our cost.

It took me an entire day to repair what they ruined. One of the new windows doesn't even close all the way! The exterior chalking is already peeling away (after 2 months) letting in water whenever it rains. They also left a sign in our yard advertising their business without my permission (which most companies - Newpro, etc, will give you a discount if you agree to let them post their signs.

I wouldn't have minded if someone had just asked me before they did it. The flagrant disregard for the customer and the total laziness on the part of the installers is very obvious). When I called the manager about our concerns (namely the window not working), he sent the same installers back to our home. They showed up over three hours later than our appointment, no courtesy call, blaming the delay on "traffic." They then told me that everything worked fine and they weren't responsible for any of the aforementioned problems.

They were very rude and I'd never welcome them into my home again. I spoke again with the manager, who after hearing my concerns over their installers, told me that he'd refund $200. Over a month later, I haven't received the check, have called every day for a week, and the manager has been avoiding me. Buyer beware - I would never buy from Window World of Greater Boston again.

We will probably have to have these faulty windows ripped out and replaced by another company.

What a waste of my time and money.

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Hey WindowWorld Employee... perhaps you should review your customer service skills and not cop attitude with unsatisfied customers, particularly in an open forum where others considering window purchases are looking?

The dude said he had ordered and was happy with a different regional branch of your idiotic company...

the point was, the one he just used blew ponies... so maybe your "housekeeper's seal" varies because of your business model of having zero consistency from region to region? how do you propose to fix that problem Einstein?

Oh.. and why should the customer have to ask for new stops if they are necessary?

What the *** is the customer paying for if they have to be an expert in the install process to COVER FOR THE INSTALLERS?? What an idiotic statement... that alone shows me the employees at Window World are inept if they have YOU defending them out there in such moronic manner. That would be like suggesting I go to a mechanic and know to "ask" for a certain calibration that's needed regarding the engine.

Everyone isn't an expert on everything... that's WHY WE PAY PEOPLE FOR SERVICES.

Can you build and maintain a database for Fortune 500 comany's eServices organization? Would you know specific things to ask in order to assure optimization of that database's implementation? No, of course you wouldn't, that's why you'd be paying me to do it...

and I wouldn't EXPECT you to have to ask for something I should be providing due to my expertise.

If you want to defend your company...

you need to bring a *** of a lot more game than you have. Thanks for assuring I NEVER order ANYTHING from Window World.


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first of all,what window company do you actually work for? i'm guessing newpro, the above mentioned solution according to you.

window world & our window has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for our quality. the fact that you state the windows are no good, is totally bogus. you state that a window doesn't close, actually, even if your balance system failed, you could still close the window. you scold the install for the trim being removed and "caulked", not chalked, up.

guess what, no one screws in casing because you would see the huge screw. if you would have just asked, they would have installed new stops or they would have installed from outside & given you a maintainence free exterior. we're #1 in windows for a reason. you are just jealous that 124802 customers bought from us last year and gave our company $343 million dollars for our services.

keep on hating, you hater. we will continue to flourish.