Rockford, Illinois
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the siding job looks good so far. Fingers crossed. The crew broke a storm window. The broken window has not been replaced after 2 weeks?

Several tiles in my bath were knocked off the wall and are broken, we gave you such a good deal that we can't be held at fault ??

One window screen is torn like something hit it, I still need to contact Window World dealer and see if they will fix the screen.

Just don't pay them before you make sure every thing is to your satisfaction.

The crew was friendly always but not all workers were dependable......

Like went fishing today, could not get a sitter for the children. Aunt emma was in town from BFE co could not work today. Will be contacti ng the owner Monday and see what happens, wish me luck. If all else fales I will pay for the repairs and chock it up. Never never pay before you are 100% satisfied that is your only recorse.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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This definitely does not sound like Window World of Rockford. I would contact Scott the owner, because I know he would take care of any issues personally.