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I had 15 windows replaced in my home and the workmanship on installation was terrible. Trying to get it fixed right is even a bigger headache.

You set up an appointment 2 weeks in advance and the installer/repair person doesn't show up until 4:45pm when they called earlier that morning and said they would be here by Noon. Then calls back and says 1:30pm. I hadn't heard anything by 4pm so I started calling. I finally talked with Window World Office after 4pm.

I attempted to call the Field Supervisor for the job David Mount and was unable to reach him. His voice mail was full so I couldn't leave him a message. That should have told me something right there. I did finally get a call back at around 4:30pm from David and he stated that the Tech was on the way to my location.

By this time I had other things planned and couldn't wait around for several hours for the repairs to be done. Yes it was not a quick fix that needed doing. Justin the repair guy shows up at 4:45pm and I walked him through what needed to be done. He just scratches his head and says it's going to take a while.

After it was determined that he couldn't repair what needed to be done I attempted to talk with David's supervisor. Good luck with that route also. I was told that I would get a phone call from Robert in less than 72 hours. Still waiting on that phone call.

Oh did I mention that my sheetrock hanging crew was showing up on Saturday morning to start hanging sheetrock. Well repairs weren't done on Friday so that the windows could be dressed out with sheetrock on Saturday. I also took a days vacation so that I could be here when the Window World repair guy showed up. After the no show Window World wanted me to give them another date that they could come by.

I told them a specific time 3:30pm or after and they said that they couldn't do that because they were booked. I told them that they needed to work on my schedule not theirs. So what do they do? David was suppose to call me by the end of Monday and let me know what was going on.

NO CALL imagine that. On Tuesday morning I got a phone call from the repair guy stating that he would be at my house between 1 and 2 pm. What part of that sounds like 3:30pm? When I see that they are at the house I call the number that I received a call from that morning and the guy really didn't have a clue what he was suppose to do other than patch some sheetrock.

Oh by the way the sheetrock around that window needed to be replaced due to the amount of damage done to it during installation. I leave work early so that I can get to the house before he leaves. When I get here I find that he had just put texture over the broken up sheetrock. He didn't fix the widow seal that the installer stepped on while installing the window causing it to break away from the wall.

He patched that also with texture. The trim work around the outside of the windows also needed to be repaired. He didn't have what was needed to do any of that repair either. I have attempted to call David's Supervisor, and his Supervisor as well and still have not received a return phone call.

I even asked for the owners phone number and was told that he didn't take calls. Well someone that is working for that company needs to take care of phone calls and talked to unhappy customers that have already paid their bill in full. I plan on letting everyone that I know that is looking for windows that they should write Window World on their list and then draw a line through it.

I almost forgot, 2 of the windows have to be replaced because the expert installers cut the vinyl casing when they were installing them. I have been working since Harvey to get back in my house and this is only slowing me down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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