Jacksonville, Florida

Saw their booth at the Home & Patio show (Jacksonville, FL) and decided to give them a try, We need to replace all windows.

We went to their local showroom, which isn't particularly tidy or set up for customers, to get ball park quote.

Satisfied with estimate, we decided to call back 2 days later and left a message. Wait a week... called again and left message. Again waited several days.

Do they even want our business? Called a 3rd time and told them it was their last chance and this time we got an estimator out. He did show up exactly on time (wow) and quickly measured windows. Also noted sash work that was needed (extra cost, no problem).

Will note now that only 2 of the 16 windows were "$189" the rest were around $240. The final quote was very close to estimate ($6200) and we paid 3K down and was told the windows will get to the local warehouse in 6-8 weeks. The salesman said "plan on 8 weeks. It says on their website MOST INSTALLATIONS are completed in 6-8 weeks, so there's another discrepancy.(I suppose "most" could mean 51% of installs...) Order was placed 05/09/13.

As of 07/07/13 we have heard nothing back yet.

Going to call tomorrow to find out and will update as things progress. Right now I am neutral, but concerned after reading all these complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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