3769 Powers Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37416, USA
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Update by user Jun 08, 2018

After complaining to the BBB, which they monitored, they jumped into action and the owner actually came out to install the windows - he was slow but methodical and the job was completed to our satisfaction and all the issues were addressed. All was determined to be one employee with personal problems.

Update by user May 03, 2018

They continue to jerk me around have filled complaint to BBB along with unltimandum as per BBB

Original review posted by user May 02, 2018


They are weeks late starting, not communicating, not showing up and lying about coming leaving house unsecured and piles of trash in the front yard Last Jan Feb contracted full replacement window scheduled to be installed end of April - fist of May. May 15 I had to call and see the status - they used the excuse of the weather, scheduled me for May 25 9-930 am.

I called about 10:30 they said they were late due to traffic but the crew was on the way just had to drop off something - called back hour later and Jerry called me back said he was doing another job and would be there in 45 min - did not show until 1 and was only one person. finally one other showed up - they worked until 6 leaving gaps in the window frames and one window they started to take apart was un able to lock so it is un secured life a pile of window on the front lawn with the understanding that it would be picked up the next day and they would be back at 9 am . 10:30 I called and the casually said they were not working due to rain - no reason for a mostly inside job could not be done with what I saw as light rain both the manager and Jerry said they had asked the other to call but the widows would be picked up as scheduled (hasn't happened) Now I am scheduled for 9 am sharpe Sat but they keep lying (I have caught the manager in several lies - I believe just to get me off the phone - and yes I cursed him out.) The manager claims he called me on the delay but my phone says other wise. He claimed the man was just going to drop off something and be right over which was a lie.

I am tied off being lied to and waiting around and no one showing up and don't like the house being unsecured and the trash in the front yard. They did not show up again this time no rain and no traffic problems. Time has allowed me to inspect the job and found two windows defective, trash and old window parts in the bushes. They broke a picture and tried to hide the brakage and broke a trophy.

They are weeks late starting, not communicating, not showing up and lying about coming leaving house unsecured and piles of trash in the front yard and the bushes. Suggessted to call it quite and call it even then one shows up at the house tries to rush the completion while I was not there - told him he was never to be at the house with out me - he clamed that he had phoned and left a message - I showed him my phone log and no call.

He has been schedualed the last two days and has a excuse. I am begining to think they are in the busness of just trying to see how far they can *** you off!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Window World Cons: Everything so far.

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I have tried to remove this - it came down to 2 peoples inexcusable actions and the owner ended up finishing the job himself - he was slow but very detailed - and they discounted the work. So basically the owner did step in once he learned of the problem - so the problem was corrected