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We were promised windows ahead of a big event we were having at our home. We stressed the importance of having the windows prior to the event, and they said they could deliver.

Fine. Installers came without windows to sunroom; they came the next time (1 day prior to the event to complete Sunroom), but measurements were not accurate; came back next time with wrong windows; came back again with wrong windows. Once installed, I asked for them to send me bill that we would pay by check. We were called everyday asking for payment beginning the very next day (we had not received bill) - we considered this border-line harrassment: they would call first thing in the morning; and leave messages about payment.

They have the audacity to demand payment without giving us time to receive a bill! That was salt added to the wound!

We initially recommended this company to two other friends / neighbors, which we absolutely regret. We NOT recommend this company; no way, no how!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Window World Pros: Look of the windows.

Window World Cons: Shotty workmanship for what you pay.

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Not harassment! You owe the money and you know that. If anything WW has a case of non payment


Your contract says the balance is due at time of install. If you can't pay then you should have tried to finance.

I promise Lowes will not come out and put in Windows and then wait for payment. Window World gives you a copy of your contract which shows you the deposit amount and what is due at time of install. There is no billing. You might want to get your facts straight before throwing darts.

This isn't a card card that you pay monthly on unless you were accepted through their finance company. Usually then you wouldn't pay the down payment. You got lucky with the installer unless you lied to him. The installer is suppose to collect before they install.

That's good business. Keeps things like this from happening.

Come on, you knew the deal, don't blame the company if now you don't have the balance. Maybe that was your plan all along.


well this is the problem . Whenever you want something to happen according to a plan .

The first thing you should do is have a plan B . In this country we have too many people doing work that they are not capable of handling . The few people that can actually do it right are so backed up they can't get any thing done right either . I have been in this business for 35 years .

I could have more work than I could ever do . But I tried the hiring game it will break you . Everybody in America has become do it yourselfers because of the kits you buy at Lowes. And HD .

So once a guy changes a fill valve on a toilet he thinks well I am a plumber. Next time I need a job they add that to resume . Well then he needs a job because he can't pass the drug test . So he goes to contractors that do home improvement.

The contractor gives him a application . First thing he does is put down I have plumbing experience . Also have carpenter experience etc . The only experience he has is how to roll a joint .

This is why good companies can't get the job done . We have a bunch of drug addicts claiming experience .



I would like the opportunity to speak with you in regards to your issues and concerns. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and promise, I would like the chance you follow through with that guarantee.

Since no customer data was provided I am incapable of reviewing your file with us, please contact me to come to a satisfactory resolve and improve your Window World experience to our standards.

My contact phone number is 770) 303-0757.

Stefan Stowe



I would like to know if these people contact you! Also I would like to know what you actually do to resolve this issue .

I have received a quote from window world , I have not yet decided who I am going to hire . I have 32 windows in my home and I do want these windows to be assured of quality . If you are serious and do take care of these issues .

I will tell you that it probably never was the window leaking in the first place .

But if they said to them that putting their windows in will stop the leaking then they should go find the leak . It is more than likely a roof issue . But roofs can be patched and the customer will be happy that's the key . I am a commercial mechanical contractor .

I have seen this happen many times .

The roof can leak around a flashing then run down the rafter to the wall above a window and then leak . It is the first thing I would look at .


Have had problem with the air leakage. The MAIN MANAGER (I CAN tell you his name) in NORTH CAROLINA asked if the area AROUND my windows is insulated.

I understood it was, told him yes. I thought it was-found out since then Window World KNOWS it ISN'T and as HE said "Air comes IN through your walls, it's NOT the windows." Therefore Window World SHOULD do a COMPLETE job, and as THEY say "STOP THE INCOMING AIR". (I have a VIDEO of a competitor, and MORE info from the internet that PROVES this) Also I know how long a "Lifetime Warranty" REALLY lasts-it ISN'T a lifetime-it's 10 years!

Watch out everyone and LOOK into LAW in YOUR state! A seller is doing his promo, and it took me a LOOOONG time to get the "REPAIR" done on my windows, which DIDN'T solve the problem, however when people saw my pictures they are stunned and say you have a LAWSUIT GET A LAWYER!!!