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The salesman (Alan) with Window World was awesome. We were impressed with not only the quality but the price. After the purchase was done.... we waited. The time came and we were on the schedule for the installation of 12 windows. Our windows are drapes, no blinds. However, the first install date delayed due to rain. The second install date (a week later) delayed due to the crew leader's family emergency. The third install date (today) is preceded by a phone call yesterday to my husband "by any chance did they store your windows in your garage"????? Our windows were misplaced when returned to the warehouse after the first installment delay and no one could locate them. Oh. But wait. It does get better: The third and cancelled (due to lost windows) installment date (today) began with another call to my husband "oh we found your windows and wanted to confirm the installment for today but the rear axle fell off our truck". Yep. Third time is the charm?? Nope...keep reading: The fourth installment date is scheduled for tomorrow.....WISH US LUCK-SAY A PRAYER-CROSS YOUR TOES. I could not make this up!! LOL :)

PART 2: The crew shows up this morning bright and early and proceeds to remeasure and calculate what the salesman did. Yes...I said recalculate. There were things to be done that our dear Alan failed to tell us would COST EXTRA: 1) pull the wires for our alarms 2) replace the boards around the upper outside windows that Frank cut and painted and 3) remove old and install the new window sills that Frank cut and stained. I sent a rather curt text to Alan and the GM and he proceeds to call me-another text sent "will not talk to you right now-call Frank"-He did and agreed to pay for the extra charges. Great...all good now? NOPE. Read part 3.

PART 3: I get home tonight and the first thing I notice is the upstairs window and WHITE CAULK around shoddy placed GRAY boards. I haven't even looked at the side windows. Come inside and Frank proceeds to show me how the fancy window Yeah, we are special like that :) So the tutorial is to happen in the extra bedroom....When OMGeeee! it's the wrong window! Yep. that one and the middle bay have to be switched. How do we know this?? Well the bay window is on the front of the house and they all are to have the criss-cross thingy's and not be plain panes. (make sense?) Well now the bay has a plain pane and not the one that should be there---it's in the other bedroom. Which led to MORE FRUSTRATION and another text sent to Alan for him to call Frank and arrange corrections ASAP. No reply from him thus far.

I sure hope the window quality is not as shoddy as the service we have received.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I would have been on hand for the installation and watched to be sure things were done right because it seems that is the only way you can be "somewhat" assured things will be done correctly. At least the bay window would be in the correct spot but I would not, I repeat WOULD NOT accept such shoddy work.

It appears that a lot of people do only what they have to do and get away with everything they are able to get away with when no one is looking and that is the main reason that I am always looking. I want to keep workers "honest". I want to take away the temptation to be a total slime-ball, dishonest and not treat others as you want to be treated and that is all of it in a nutshell. Some people will ONLY be honest and trustworthy WHEN they are being watched.

So I take the role of WATCHER! Shame on Window World for allowing this kind of dishonesty to exist among contractors or sub-contractors or employees of those who do installations. Honesty trickles down from the top!

If you don't expect it from your employees or contracted employees then you will not get it. Window World needs to take a good hard look at who they are hiring so they can be proud of all the work done under their umbrella.