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We hired Window World to replace all of our 30 windows. It is costly, so we shopped around.

The guy who comes out and sells you on their windows is very friendly and convincing, although, he was not completely professional in comparison to the others. After we placed our order, we were immediately unimportant. We received no installation date,but assumed someone would contact us with one. Noone ever did.

After 2 weeks, and when we contacted the rep who sold us the windows, he quickly let me know I should call someone else in the company, as that was not his job. He was very obviously only interested in going on to the next commission. Messages left with the "office", wherever that was, went unanswered. Finally, I was able to reach someone, who sounded like she was about 17, and had the business skills/knowledge of the same.

She said she would give my message inquiring about an installation date to someone else who would call me back...and didn't. Another call to the rep, and we got the same answer, call the girl at the "office". I called her again, and she couldn't give me an installation date, and just said they would be installed when the factory who makes them finishes them. We waited 2 months, during which time NOONE ever initiated a call to us regarding our windows.

The only communication ever made initiated with us. Another phone call, and finally we found out our installation date. When the installers arrived, our windows were incorrectly made. Only 6 out of 30 had the correct grid pattern.

I asked the installer if there was anyone who ever checks their orders prior to sending them out to the customer, and was told, "No, they just scan the windows and send them out. They don't know what your windows are supposed to look like." I was astounded. No quality control? Or concern for it?

They installed the incorrect windows, saying they would reorder the correct grid pattern, and come out to replace the upper sashes with the correct ones when they arrived. Again, no one had any idea when that would be. No phone calls were placed to us from anyone in this company despite the poor service we had received. No attempt at an apology was ever given.

Not even a call to promise that things would be handled better from here on out. I mean NOTHING! Ever!! We decided in the meantime to just keep the grid pattern that had been installed, but were still waiting for our very large picture window to arrive.

Several weeks later, I called to find out if they knew when it would be installed. I was told it would probably be out this week. They called me back a few days later and said the installers would be out Friday to install our final window, the picture window. They arrived Friday, only to announce they didn't have the trim materials necessary to install it, and would have to come back out Monday.

When I asked why they didn't bring the materials, they stated there was none available for them at the office, and they would have to be ordered. Then they decided they could install the window, and come back Monday to trim it. When the window wouldn't fit easily, they whipped out a regular ball *** hammer, and started beating the **** out of the window frame to get it in!!! I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing!!

They got the window in, and it was dented all to *** on the frame. They came back today to trim the window. The dumb*** came to the back door, started to knock, then before I could get the door *** turned, just let himself in and proceeded to the den and started taking down the blinds and banging around without even asking if it was okay to do so. ***, he didn't even wait for me to let him in my house!!

I SOOOOO wish I had paid a little extra to hire one of the other REPUTABLE companies we interviewed. Our experience with Window World has been unbelievably unprofessional and upsetting to say the least. I am shocked that such a large company would have such horrible work ethic. I would not go thru this again even if they offered to do it for half price.

If you are one who thinks I am with another window company, and just trying to ruin their business, as I have seen someone post on here, then go ahead and take the chance.

Don't say you weren't warned. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had in my life dealing with a business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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Your not lying!!!! I am having the same horrible experience. Never again.