I just wanted to warn anyone who might be eyeing the World of Windows livingsocial deal (or already bought it). To make a long story short, we just had a horrific experience with them and they left an invoice with two previous business names (Mr.

Window and Luminous Shine) who have negative reviews on Groupon and livingsocial. They are NOT located in Westwood (the other two are located in Roxbury and Concord) and it is the worst bait and switch I have ever seen. If you've already bought the livingsocial deal don't even try to redeem it.. They will upcharge you hundreds of dollars for every little thing and trash your house.

We have spent all night cleaning up their mess and reinstalling our screens (apparently that's extra and they didn't even tell us, just left the screens all over the driveway and left). I just wanted to post this in hopes that I can stop someone else from getting scammed too!!

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