Colorado Springs, Colorado

We live in a rural part of Colorado. We called the Colorado Springs number to schedule an estimate for new windows and siding and they wanted us to drive almost two hours to their showroom to look at their siding and windows!!!!

I am shocked. I couldn't even get them to come out to our house. If this company doesn't have time for us as potential customers, how are they going to have time to service us if anything goes wrong with their installation?

Plus, we found out that they haven't even been in business that long!! We actually own a rental property in Colorado Springs and called them to service the windows because they weren't operating properly and they told us that the year they were installed, (because we bought the rental and the warranty for the windows transferred to us as new homeowners), that the owners of Window World at that time were actually different owners that had went out of business, they wouldn't service our windows because we didn't purchase the windows with them, they had opened their company in 2007. So,I guess were are SOL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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