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If you are thinking about using WINDOW WORLD to put new windows in please rethink this. My 87 year old father paid them 10,000.00 to replace some of the windows in his home. We asked for the windows to have the muntins (the strips that make the windows appear to have 6 panes of glass) and specifically for the upstairs window to be built so it open up and down not slide side to side to accomodate the window unit we already have in that window. The salesman measured the window unit and said Ok. I was not there to oversee the installation BIG MISTAKE. The windows were installed, No muntins in any of them AND the window unit will not fit into the window by 1/2 inch. I called the sale man and he said he knew the window unit would not fit and we should buy a smaller one. Needless to say we are locked in a battle that seems to have no end. I finally got someone there to order a replacement window to fix the problem told them I would forgo the muntins BUT the window unit had to fit. They ordered another window about 6 weeks ago and have cancelled the installation on us twice. They cancelled again today.

Their excuse was they are overbooked and can not get to us. They said the contract was legally fulfilled and they did not have to do anything but they will see when they might be able to get the window in BUT it would be at least another week because they were soooo backed up and they would not guarantee when it could be put in.

I said I want my money back tomorrow and you can come get the windows at your leisure. I'm calling the president of the company tomorrow and Channel 5 and any other media service I can get to.


I wonder if they would be this way if they hadn't been paid yet. I also wonder if they would do this to someone who is not 87?


This person wrote the review because of "they wont finish the job and already have our money" of replacement windows from Window World. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Window World to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was unprofessional installation and took out money and didnt finish the job. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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