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Todd Whitworth death was listed my the North Carolina Medical Examiners office as a suicide.

Original review posted by user Feb 04, 2011

Todd Whitworth CEO of Window World (son of founder Leon Whitworth) died of a drug an alcohol overdose according to the North Carolina Medical Examiners office and autopsy. This was not made public and you cannot find his cause of death anywhere on the web.

I had to write to the NC medical examineers office for a report. Is Window World afraid it woud tar their image? As a company that uses the image of St.

Judes hospital and Ms. Ireland, it is no surprise they would not want this to be known and take any chance of losing business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Todd had issues with stuff as do a lot of people, but he just found out that his wife was having another affair this time with their copilot for their private jet.

I wanna be single mom with a private jet & mansion & horses & get a company get a company worth millions.

& days before Todd passed didn't wasn't he changing will & filing for divorce & then ends up passsing away right after he starts paperwork to file divorce. ?!!


leon Whitworth...is my uncle...i didnt know Todd ,,,but Leon had 3 other sons...So i think it is best if you wouldnt bash my Family...Nobody in this world is perfect...Window world is doing fantasic business...Thank You RAY


Tammy and Dana continue to squash families that own WW stores by screwing them for the MONEY. What comes around, goes around.

boy is it coming. Look nationwide at the lawsuits against them.




Have you anything better to do with your time, other than be a disgusting troll who goes on a PRODUCT/SERVICE website to spew trash about something you know nothing about? Oh, and by the way, you couldn't mail the medical examiners and get information like that....otherwise every news reporter and whoever else would have already spread this all over the place. You suck at writing BS lies, you fake wanna-be detective.


GOLDIE- seriously, you HAD TO write the medical examiners office for a report??? what a PITIFUL WOMAN, nothing better to do, huh?

go buy a sex toy and quit getting your rocks off on dogging out the dead...

CO-PILOT- so Tammy is driving the company into the ground, huh?

what exactly is it that you do for a living? and did you hear these whispers?



So, WHAT does this have to do with their windows or YOUR personal experience???


Its no wonder why Blair left


For anyone to say that Tammy was never a businesswoman is to admit that you do not know her. Todd and Tammy owned a Window World franchise before they went to work for the corporate office.As for what could make a person do what Todd "supposedly" did is moot.

There are many high ranking corporate officers in the world who, unfortunately, use drugs and alcohol.

I'm not saying that I agree with that but unless you have walked in their shoes, Do Not Judge Them. Remember, people in glass houses should not throw stones and we ALL live in glass houses..


Co pilot I am not saying Tammy does not have money but she is a single mom who has to be mom and dad for her kids and run a business and deal with kissing her husband and Childress father. I just think she has a lot on her plate and even though she has money it may take her a little while to figure everything out


Actually manny you can go blow yourself. You have your opinion but in my opinion you must have no life at all to sit here and pass judgement on someone you don't know at all.

Todd had money and a family but money doesnt buy you happiness.

He had stuff going on in his life that money can not make better and seeing that you didnt know him you don't know why he was using if he was. I'm honestly just saying you have no right to pass judgement on someone you don't know what there life was like and how his family life was.


I didn't say anything negative about Todd. His cause of death is a fact.

I don't judge Todd. You act as if Tammy with all that money has to raise her own kids, like some single mom working at McDonalds. She was never a businesswoman.

She has to depened on the good old boy hillbillies who run corporate. She's been lucky so far but it wont' last long.


Oh ya, and meghan, u can blow me. Todd was an amazing man?

Thats why he chose drugs and alcohol over his family and business.

Wake up sheeple. And so its known, i dont work for another window company, just had a real *** experience with window world.


So, because of your "crappy experience with Window World", this somehow makes it okay to for you to assume you know Todd or his family? You know he chose drugs and alcohol over his family and business? MANNY you silly, silly Troll.


So, since it's okay for you to assume all this trash you think about Todd....I guess it's okay for me to assume your a rapist and possibly a *** just based on your, "Meghan, u can blow me" comment. What is funny...is your complete lack of intellect...oh, and I love how you write in text format.

Of course you don't work for another window company. I hardly doubt you work at all. You probably sit on your *** and collect un-employment and WIC, trolling the internet, because your butt hurt your parents "had a bad experience with Window World".

Oh, wait...now I'm starting to assume and be as ignorant as your dumb ***. See what I did there?


How many drug addicts and alchoholics do you know that are really good people? If this guy was such a good guy why was he a junky and basically took his own life even tho he had a family and business to run? That may be harsh but the truth always hurts.


Oh and by the way ***.....how would you know he was a "junky"? You can die from over drinking/drugs the FIRST TIME YOU DO IT.....your ignorance runs deep. TROLL


Everyone just needs to shut the he'll up. Sorry for my language but honestly do u guys have nothing better to do then say *** about a man you probably never even really knew.

Todd whitworth was a amazing man. He may have had had a amazing life but none of you have any right to judge him no matter what really happen. And for Tammy she is doing the best she can with trying to run a business and raising three small children on her own. Todd was a amazing man he honestly saved my life and would do anything for anyone.

No one has any right to say he was anything but a amazing person. And honestly who ever wrote this honestly didn't know him good enough just pass judgement on him cause if you did you would not be saying all this bull ***!


I see the WW folks are here in droves denying this. Somehow the NC media was stonewalled into not releasing the info last year.

It's whispered among the WW franchisees, just never spoken out loud, that is this what happened, and what may have brought it on.

Now Tammy is driving the company into the ground. Good riddance.


People die from drugs everyday. You are really dumb if you use any. They always win.