Stanardsville, Virginia
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My husband and I have had the window replaced by window world when we moved into our home and had nothing but excellent service -even for a replacement. We had siding (most expensive to receive "life time warranty") replaced last summer.

It was explained to us at the time of purchase that "if a rock flew up from a lawn mower and put *** or dent in the siding that it would be covered under warranty." "Acts of God - hurricane ripping siding off" would not be covered. After a 12 foot snow storm in VA we had a rock from the snow blower hit a piece of siding under a back door and create *** Contacted window world on 2/27/16 and they said they would send someone out to look at the area and get back to us. 3 weeks go by no call and I have to call the office to get any information, poor customer service. Contacted the Waynesboro Va office and was instructed that we would have to pay for the repair of file under home owners.

I explained to the receptionist that we bought the most expensive siding for the "lifetime warranty" that had been explained to us by the project estimator (phone call 3/18/16). The project estimator contacted my husband and advised him that he would come fix this at his cost. My husband questioned about the warranty and the piece that was broke and he was advised "I honestly don't know if that piece is covered under warranty because it does not have the backing." My husband explained to him that this information was never told to us prior to signing the contract for installation. Project estimator still stated he would come and fix the area ( phone call 3/18/16).

Received an additional phone call from the Waynesboro office on 3/23/16 stating that we would have to pay $100 to have the are fixed. I instructed the receptionist again that we were not going to pay the $100 to have this fixed because it should be under the warranty - this was not an "act of God." She stated that the project estimator left notes in the system from the phone call with my husband which stated that the "piece under the door MIGHT not be covered under warranty." It appears that the employees do not even know what they are selling in their so called "warranty." I advised her that her manager needed to contact me back and have yet to hear from them. I also have sent a message via e-mail to corporate asking for a return phone call (3/23/16) and have yet to hear back from them as well. This will be the last time I work with window world nor will recommend them for anything to anyone ever again.

This has been the poorest customer service I have ever seen.

We have now spent over $15,000 with the company for windows and siding and you are going to charge me $100 to fix a $20 dollar piece? Give me a break!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Window World Cons: Customer service stinks.

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