By a large margin Window World of Sacramento was the least expensive window replacement company we quoted. We replaced 15 windows with tax break eligible double pane windows. The installation crew arrived a month later as scheduled and took 3 days to install. They were professional, clean and courteous. They cleaned their work area and removed all old materials.

During the final inspection the crew indicated they weren't satisfied with a piece of trim material and said they'd return to replace it. We also located a slight scratch on our most expensive window. The crew immediately initiated a replacement - no hassle. A month or so later the crew returned quickly repaired the trim and glass.

We're completely thrilled with the Window World of Sacramento experience. We saved a fortune with these guys, we got a quality product and most importantly a high level of customer service after the sale. Thanks Window World!

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Just because someone is pleased with the quality of the service they received does not give you, "oh really", the right to attack them. How do you know that the specifics of the job that was performed?

I can appreciate that maybe you've had a bad service with this company, but that should not discount someone else's good experience. I came to this website looking for good, quality, fair reviews.

We've all been taken to the cleaners, but I always give the most credit to those who are honest about the job performed. I'll know to take with a grain of salt (or maybe an antiacid) any reviews you've written, "oh really".


So you think you got a good deal huh? Do you know building code?

Know that windows that are located next to an exterior door that are less that 14 inches off the ground or windows that are large must be made of tempered glass? Go ahead and look over a disclosure form you would fill out if you were going to sell your home. It will ask you about any improvements you made to the house, see the place where it asks if permits were pulled? Well, Meehafr, they didn't pull permits, and guess what...

you will be in trouble if you lie, sued possibly, because it can be verified. Oh what a great deal Window World gave you! The buyers could make you rip out all the windows, or lower your price on the home!

Ha! Great deal huh?

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