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Ask window world minnesota why they dont shim, level, plumb their windows to ensure proper operation. Its cause the *** like this *** jeff loughlin is the production manager who thinks hes smart but any retard can tell you windows need to be shimmed, plumbed and leveled.

its done because they screw their installers by making them work for free and cutting their pay constantly so they need to cut corners wherever they can just to survive. Wont be long till window world is out of business. Everyone knows the former ceo died from a drug and alcohol overdose and his wife is now driving the co.


Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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why even respond to this guy? if even "retards" know how to properly install a window, why did Smithe have to pay someone else to do it?

and then he goes into bashing the owner of the company who is passed.

do you really shim vinyl windows Smithe, or do you use the nailing fins and jambjacks?

ignorant fool


I have done work for window world and have NEVER been beat out of a penny for work that I have done. As far as shimming a vinyl window goes, shimming it is the worse possible thing you can do as it does not allow it to expand and contract with the changes in weather


Hello Mr. Smithe,

I am in customer service at the Window World MN location and I would like to extend an apology for any dissatisfaction you felt for the install of your replacement windows. I would be more than happy to speak with you about any complaints or concerns in person or over the phone. We are always trying to improve our customer service and appreciate any feed back, even though at times it may be hard to hear. We would like the opportunity to make this right with you and if you would like to speak with me my name is Molly and you can reach me at the office (651) 770-9011 or my email at .

I would also like to address the disrespectful comments you made about the deceased Mr. Whitworth, it was very hurtful and an inconsiderate remark that bears no meaning in the issues you have with our store. Our company is continuing to grow and we are by no means “driving into the ground”; your accusations are slanderous. I understand you are frustrated but this was not something that should have been said. I respectful disagree with your remarks.

We would like to resolve this issue and hope you will contact us.



Customer Service Manager


Mr. Smithe:

I am greatly disappointed by the comments you have posted. I will be contacting the Window World location to discuss this posting. I feel they have the right to respond to your accusations.

In the meantime, I would like to state that the business health of Window World is very good. The management team of Window World corporate is working dlilgently to make sure that each independent licensee has all the tools available to them to successfully serve their customers. Training programs are regularly provided to ensure our service earns customer loyalty.

I am available at 1-866-740-2100 if you would like to discuss this posting with me personally.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Manager

Window World Corporate