Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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For many months we have not been able to get any service from Window World of Houston regarding wrong size window placement and a cracked window caused by installation. It took three installations to get the proper tempered glass windows installed.

Upon investigation we discovered that one of the windows was mis-measured and installed anyway. They tried to hide it with a vinyl molding. One of the windows does not lock adequately and thus not secure. At least twenty calls to them and to the supervisor have been met with promises and not action.

We will likely move to litigation within the week.

Breach of express and implied warranties. I would not recommend this company and all should be sufficiently warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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I got 5 windows replaced due to the price 189 but at the end big surprise!!!!! I got them for more than two thousand.


Also, are inaccurate in your statement. Every review posted on is a review posted by an ACTUAL Window World customer. It is important to recognize that considering the quantity of windows Window World installs on an annual basis, their % of complaints is significantly low and the number of HAPPY CUSTOMERS far outweighs the unhappy customers.


if you post a negative review on it will be sent directly to the store owner. If you have a negative experience with Window World, is the best way to share your experience, because the company does pride itself on it's service and warranties. is definately the best way to have your issue fixed promptly.


George, you're a shill for Window World. The website you provided belongs to Window World and they only publish good reviews. That site is of no value to anyone wishing to know the truth about Window World.


That's not encouraging. I was able to contact them with an issue and it was fixed very quickly. I just found and it seems to be very helpful.