Las Vegas, Nevada
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The owner of Window World Escondido Ca is a liar and has ruined my house. I was trying to improve my home to sell it, and now it looks like *** and I've lost thousands of dollars to these jerks. Stay away!!! They give you a lovely brochure making everything seem like it's going to be great, but they never do anything that's in the brochure. Switched windows I ordered saying they didn't carry that one anymore, half of my windows are installed inside the frame, half outside. They removed my support braces and never put them back. They left broken glass and debris all over inside and outside my home, they scratched and damanged my walls, I could go on and on. Beware!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Hey happy Window World people. I'll bet you didn't read the manufacturer's label before you removed it from the windows!

You might not have gotten the windows you paid for! I didn't, but of course I read labels, not lips!


Heads up on Window World... they don't pull permits for a reason!

City building Inspectors would catch and fine them. They would not be in business today if homeowners hiring them called the city's permits department and reported them! Now if you want to do something about it, complain to the Attorney General's office, you can find them online. Enough complaints, and they do something about it.

They might even start a class action suit and if they have your name, you might get your money back! Report it!


Window world sells a piece of *** window, that's why it is so cheap. don't discount homeowners true responses.

If you want ***, use Window world. If you want quality and workmanship then avoid Window world. Most of these FRANCHISES subcontract, sell Alsides' *** 4000 series window for only a few bucks to trusting consumers.

You get what you pay for. Same thing as China built.


I agree. This must be another competitor banging on Window World.


we had window world put windows on our house and they did a wonderful job. reasonal price.

The windows really cut the cost on my electric bill. would recommend window world to anyone.