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We paid $4,000 to have 5 windows and a patio door installed from Window World. After only 13 months ,

3 windows are stained with water drops on the outside which we cannot remove. Only rain water has hit these windows. CUSTOMER SERVICE ?? HAAAAAA. They told us they were not responsible for cleaning windows, well its obvious that the window glass is substandard and stained permanently. They wont send a service rep out or even talk to us. They said we should use a strong acidic cleaner on the windows. IF only rain does this after 13 months what do we expect after 5 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a FR_____------$#%&^%^#& JOKE. ANd the salesman is no where to be found .Imagine that!!!

We have not given up. Lets rock WIndow World.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Sounds like teh home owner doesnt know how to clean the windows. I had the same problem, thought it was the window, but my sprinkler water was hitting the glass and staining it.

I fixed the sprinkler head, and used lime away to get the hard water stain off the window.

Town Watch must be a competitor.


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When I do the math at $189, how could you spend so much? Must be all the adders once they get in the home?

How do you TRUST a company that advertises $189 and has never sold a window at $189 ($189 is usually not even on their contract). It is all about TRUST and Integrity. Wake up people. Shoelaces can be purchased on best price, but not a window you will look at for 20-25 years.

If, 95% of all other window companies are higher priced, what does this tell you? I hope this helps someone make a good rational decision.