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Name: Window World of the Queen City, Inc. Address: 1840 Airport Exchange Blvd.

City: Erlanger State/County: KY Zip/Postal Code: 41018 Business Phone Number: (513) 921-4189 URL: This Business was Accredited at the time the Complaint was made. The consumer indicated that they WOULD speak to the media about this complaint. Complaint Detail / Problem Complaint Type: Guarantee Or Warranty Issues Problem: fall 2014 I purchased replacement windows. Noticed screens didn't stay tight in corners and bugs came in.

Window World came in and put little sticky things in the corners. Didn't work. Gave up and just kept pushing the screens in place when I noticed bugs in my house. winter 2014-2015 windows had condensation on inside that froze and then melted to cause mold on the inside of my house.

I called to complain -- was told my humidity was too high in my house. Believed what they said. winter 2015-2016 windows continued with same problem. I purchased a thermometer and barometer to begin checking inside room temp and humidity and then window sills and then the same behind the closed shades.

Found humidity in house in middle of the rooms is 44% inside temp 68 degrees. On the window sill, humidity is 55% temperature is around 64 degrees. HOWEVER close the shade and the humidity goes to 78 to 80 % and the temp drops to 44 degrees. The lower the outside temp the lower the temperature on the glass.

When it is below 20 degrees outside, the moisture on the inside of the windows turns to ice. When it melts during the day and it runs down my walls. What get trapped in the window frames grows mold. The room with the worst windows cannot get above 64 degrees no matter how long I run the furnace.

What the heck. I complained and complained and complained. October 2016 Window World replaced the windows promising to stand behind their windows. They told me it was an installation problem.

I told them that I would not go through another cold winter HA Winter 2016-2017 It's worse than ever. The reading of temp and humidity between the shades is slightly worse than last year It's a manufacture defect. There is J molding that runs down between the two panes -- these are slider windows. The J molding doesn't go all the way to the bottom or the top of each window where the two sliders meet.

When the windows lock in place the J molding forces the windows to become air tight. But not where the J molding is short. The manufacturers rep told me that that is the way they are made so the welds can be cleans at the time of manufacturing. This is a story they must tell to everyone.

I can see day light coming though those spaces. I can take the inside of a ball point pen and easily push it through from the inside to the outside where the J molding is cut short. I can feel cold air seeping in on every single window. Both Window World and the window manufacturing rep admitted they can see light.

However, the manufacturer told me that light doesn't mean air can get in. WHAT, am I suppose to be ***? My furnace doesn't turn off. A rep from Window world came by yesterday and place foam strips at the top and bottom of my windows.

He admitted that it is a temp fix. I am suppose to wait until January 15th until the manufacturer rep can come down from Michigan again to see my problem. This is unacceptable and I am freezing and the oil costs are killing me. He needs to be here today.

Or look at the windows that are being made at the factory--this is a stall tactic. The weather strips just forces the cold air to another part of the window as the cold air follows the J molding space between the 2 windows and finds it way in where the sliders meet in the middle. I have threatened to caulk the entire windows for the winter. Window World is asking me not to do that--but what choice do I have.

It's only December and January and February is coming soon. I have been working on this nightmare for 3 years. I'm done. I want my money back plus reimbursement for the added energy cost.

I think I spent about $5,500.00. I told them last night this is my plan. I contacted the US government of Energy and filed a complaint as these windows are rated Energy Star and obviously not since my 1978 Robinson Glass windows that WE installed worked better than these. I am going to call John Matarese on channel 9 Contact Ohio Attorney General Hire and attorney if I don't get what I want.

The pictures below are on the window sill with the shade pulled up. When the shade is down the humidity goes up and the temp drops to freezing

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You said temp inside was 68 and with the blinds open...when it was 20 degrees outside...that the glass was only 64?!?! Only a 4 degree difference while there is a 48 degree difference between indoor and outdoor temp...

retry *** impressive if you ask the opposite direction that like saying it's unacceptable if the indoor temp was 68 and and temp of the glass was 72, if the ext temp was 116!!! Give me a break! Anyone with any common sense could figure out to not leave your blinds ll the way closed!!

How about you take your temp gun and check the windshield n your car next time you have the heat on 68 when it's 20 degrees outside?! I would bet you a million dollars it won't read 64!!!


Obviously a company related individual.... How about you identify yourself if you're not.

Anonymous review should not be allowed. Jerry Scholder


Can't blame the cold air coming through the drafty windows on humidity. Its a poor window design and they use a poor spacer system. It's asking for condensation.


If the outside temp is 20 your indoor humidity should be 35 or LESS. If you have shades or heavy curtains on your windows this will trap the moisture and cold and keep it against the window.

The moisture will condense on the windows. Lower your HUMIDITY ...


Prices of everything has went up. Two, the same window that was $189 is not $400, try $210. I know because I work there.


Now, finally, here's someone that at least admits they work at the company when defending them. Not all offices are bad, but Corporate has to be responsible for their franchised offices or they don't deserve the business.

Why should a consumer take the risk when there is no accountability for the false promises made in their advertising? Jerry Scholder


#1 Get rid of the marble sills. The marble sills were installed originally due to the CONDENSATION created by your original METAL windows and would collect the moisture and not ROT the plaster/drywall.

The marble sills also conduct the COLD and help reduce the temp. inside the house. #2 By closing your blinds the air movement is stopped causing the temp. to decrease even more and the moisture to collect.

#3 You need to reduce the Humidity inside your home. It should be NO MORE than 40% and you show 44% as the lowest.

Over 40% can cause all kinds of health and structural issues. These problems are not caused by your new windows other than not allowing the moisture to escape through the air leaks you had before.


Yea but you probably bought from Window World Cincinnati because they had the best price. I know they raised the prices significantly in the last two years to get away from $189 window but odd thing is they are still selling the same window that was $189 now it's $400


The reason prices have changed so drastically in the last couple years is due to a couple different reason is because they have had dozens of price increases on windows over last ten years that weren't passed on to consumer...second big reason is due to the fact that installers pay, at least in my market, had no increases from late '90s to '15!! So the last 20 years, installers in this market have had 1 increase in pay!


Again, why Anonymous posting? Leaves you with the feeling the person posting is not credible and has an agenda other than truthfulness.

Jerry Scholder