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Murray Davis came to our home Sat June 12th to demonstrate windows. We told him we put off replacing the windows for several years because we were concerned that our inside moldings would be harmed. He said it could be an outside install. Tues. June 15th he and his installer came to discuss it being an outside install and measured the windows and we signed a contract on June 15 and paid our ½ deposit. He called his office while at my home and told them to order my windows that day. However, for some reason the windows were not ordered until June 28th - 2 week delay from the date of purchase order.

The installers finally arrived July 27th. That morning they found that two of the windows were manufactured incorrectly, 3 errors on 2 windows. Both were the wrong size and one did not have the grill. This should have been caught at the factory or at the time of delivery at Window World. Not the day of installation. We told the installer that the house is not level, therefore, install the windows level to the world not level with the house. After installing 5 windows, we noticed that the sash was very crooked inside of their own frames. Murray Davis arrived and we pointed that out to him. Murray called Jim, from corporate, and scheduled him to come July 29th for his advise on the situation. Jim said the windows were not measured correctly and that to make them fit, our house's wood frame would need to be dug out. We asked at that time, why not just remeasure the windows as Jim demonstrated with the proper technique since these windows were measured wrong from the start. We asked Murray Davis for some sort of financial compensation for the aggravation. He said he wasn't making any money because he had to pay his installers twice.

Sat July 31st, installers came back to properly install windows. They made it a point to tell us that they were installing on their time, contrary to what Murray stated and that they were not getting paid for their time.

We called Tues Aug 10th to check on the 2 window reorders to see how much longer we had to wait. Murray said they came in Aug 9th but would not be installed until Aug 20th. Murray claimed the weather held them up and an old lady that could not move her furniture was before us. We then questioned if people getting installs before us had signed their contracts before our date of June 15th, he claimed he did not know.

Aug 20th the window installers were to arrive at 7am to install the windows that had been re-ordered. At 9:05am, contact was made with the Alexandria office. She told us at that time one of the 2 reorders was again not the correct size.

Our home is in disarray since July 26th since furniture has to be away from the windows and we are tired of moving it. I removed the blinds from 2 windows twice, and will have to remove them again a third time. I have to replace inner moldings since the installers threw some of mine in the trash and hauled them away, one of our original concerns which prompted the outside installs idea.

We mailed a certified letter to the Window World President, N. Wilkesboro, NC, Blaire ***, stating all of our complaints and never received a response from him.

Installers arrived to finally install the last 2 windows Sept. 7th. One of the installers said he spoke to the corporate office about my letter. He said he did not throw away any of my molding, but I still have not found them on my property. He also cleaned the last 2 windows and left me a can of window cleaner. He states that after his talk with corporate, that he and the company are satisfied that that the matter is settled. And I did not receive any financial compensation or even an apology from any level of the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Monetary Loss: $4479.

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I retract this bad review. The owner and the installers apologized and rectified all of our complaints. We do like the windows, they are energy efficient and make our home look nice.