Little Rock, Arkansas
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A window installed by Window World with argon gas was broken, A representative from the company showed up thein earl October tomeasusre the window, He told my wife it would take three weeks for the window to be delivered and 15 minutes to install, Nothing was heard from the company, My wife called the beginning of December and was told we needed a number off the window, No number was found. She called wanting to talk to the owner and left a message for him.

A woman called saying they found the number and the windows was ordered and would be expedited. No word or window has been forth coming. My wfe called today and the woman who answered the phone was very rude.

Subsequent calls to the answering service picked up and supposedly forewarded the call. No answering machine or person ever picked up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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We need replacement windows in our home, saw Bill from WW advertise on the TV, checked out their Web site

High pressure salespeople, outrageous quotes and poor workmanship has been the answers I've found after asking around

My opinion, scam artist


I think this is an issue to turn over to 7 on your side with the local TV station. I'm happy you posted this. I was considering using them but with this review, I definitely won't.


Window World of Augusta does not have an answering service and never has and they have an active machine. If Bob calls the right number listed we will get service. Window World of Augusta does not service Little Rock Arkansas


Call 336 6672100 and ask corporate for help!