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The sales person said they had their own installers when I asked but the contractors were independent.

After giving the sales person the deposit check we had a difficult time contacting him and needed a lawyer to contact him to find out when the windows would arrive and be installed. It had been about 5 weeks by than.

We ordered the single hung windows going with the best frame and the middle strength window out of the 3 shown us and ended up with double hung windows. Asked the installers twice if they were the correct windows and they checked twice and informed us they were the ones ordered for us. I have been calling the corporate number to find out the quality of the windows and frames according to the warranty numbers the company has not given us the information I have requested. I called the company who installed the windows and patio door on 01/04/2012 to adjust the screen door and the person I spoke to said he would have one of the installers contact us to set up a time.

Today is 01/24/2012, since the 4th Dec. to today I contacted the area company by phone 7 times and each time he was having one of the installers call us. On my last call to him he stated, " I've left messages on the lead installers several times and don't know why someone has not contacted you. Who's in charge and does he not see them on a daily basis to pick up paper work?

Anyway, on 01/19/12 around 5pm the lead installer called and said he'd be by @ 5:15pm. About 10 minutes he called back and said it would be @ 6:15pm if that was OK. I said yes. Today 01/24/12, a no show and no phone call.

I'll most likely be taking the local company to court and if possible include corporate. I was warned by a competing company rep about Window World.

It came down to Window World or the other company and I chose the worst company I have ever dealt with. You have been warned!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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The windows turned out to be the correct ones. After this post Joe D Miller did call me and the next day an installer showed up.

I wrote the above pissed consumer.


Dear Customer,

Additionally, all installers at our company are full time employees. No subcontractors are ever used.

I am always available for your call @:



Joe Miller

Operations Manager

Window World Central Coast


Dear Customer,

We very much appreciate your concerns. By the time of this post, our company representative will have been out to your home to resolve any issues. We will be following up again to be sure your concerns have been resolved to your satisfaction.

Joe Miller

Operations Manager

Window World Central Coast