Chattanooga, Tennessee

I called Window World in Chattanooga, Tn. to have 13 windows replaced. The salesman came out and went through his sales pitch. I ordered the windows and approx 3 weeks later they called and said that they were in and they were ready to install. The appointment was set for 9:00 am the next day. The installers showed up at 10:30am and after a brief time of working approx 15 minutes they (2 of them) looked at me and said "lunch time" . They went out to their truck and ate their lunch and restarted working at 11:30am. Now granted they did clean up after themselfs, but they left the windows not sealed and you could see through the wall between the window and the frame. The installers said that they would be back the next day to finish the job. A week passes still no sign of the installers, but there was a lady (stephanie) from the office that called me and starting asking how my install went. I explained that the windows were not installed correctly, she says "well the installer says that the job is completed"

so I made another appiontment, the installer never showed and no phone call. Three days go by I called the office and spoke with STEPHANIE told her that the installer didn't show, so she called him on the other line, he told her that he would be by the next day to finish the job up. The next day still no show, again no call. I call the office at 4:30pm; Stephanie wasn't in so I asked to speak with the manager, was told no. So I asked to speak with a supervisior, was told no. I said how'd bout customer service, the lady said I'm customer service. I ok then why hasn't the installer been at my house to finish the job? She said what job, and what da ya want anyway? You can't wait till tomarra to speak with someone? I said to her this isn't anyway to speak with a customer, and for her to put someone on the phone thats above her. Still she refused, she said this is my job to answer the phone, but it ain't my job to let you speak with someone.

Then she hangs up on me. I call back, she hangs up on me again.

Once more I call back, guess what she hangs up on me again.

The next day I call back and she answers the phone, I ask to speak with the owner, she replies "who is it?" I tell her that it isn't any of her business who this is, put the owner on the phone.

The owner (KIM) gets on the phone and i procede to explain to her my problems with her company. Kim stops me and says "I allready know to whole story, so you don't have to tell me anything" "I've aready yelled at the installer for not showing up when he's suppose to"

I said really what about your girl that hung up on me yesterday? she repied "I've told my girls if they have an irrate customer to hang up on them"

I said to her all of this could have been avoided if her installer would have shown up and done his job right to begin with. she said "I'll have the other owner (ERIC) come by it the morning and finish the job up, he'll be there at 9am"

The next morning the installer showed up and spent about 15 min inside my house and said "well it's done" and left

I noticed the exterior trim wasn't done that I paid for.

So I called the office back and spoke with KIM again, told her the problem again. She said "well we'll just have to call you back when we have time"

2 weeks go by another girl from the office calls and asks how is everthing, I tell her that the job isn't complete she tells me that the owner (ERIC) will be by on thursday 4/26/12 to complete the trim at 12pm

So today thursday 4/26/12 this guy shows up at 12:30pm not ERIC he agrees that the job isn't complete so he calls ERIC and tells him this. I get on the phone with ERIC and he proceds to tell me that he will reschedule the installer to finish the job at another date and time I said no, my appointment was for today at 12pm. The guy that they sent to the house didn't have any idea what was going on or what has transpired. I said to ERIC that when I spoke with his wife (KIM) the last time she told me that she would have you here the next day, he said that he didn't know anything about that.

The guy left no work was done.

ERIC called me at 1pm stating that I didn't pay for trim, I told yes I did according to my contract, he said "well I'm reading your contract and it doesn't say anything about trim:" I said to him this is a breech of contract he said "no it isn't you just havn't gave us enough time to complete the work" I said it doesn't take 4 weeks to do this; he said "your right it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for completion, but you still havn't paid for the trim but I'm willing to make you a deal on the trim" I refused to make a deal for someting that I've aready paid for.

I asked if he treats all his customers this way; he replied "ONLY THE *** LIKE YOU" I told him that only thing that i want is what I paid for, nothing else and I'm tired of being lied to.

He refused and then he said that "YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY" I said how's that you been aready paid, I have the receipts to show that's the bill has been paid. He replied again "*** if we could have a civil conversation, we've could have better relations"

I called the main corporate office and spoke with someone concerning these problems, he said that they didn't control the stores on how that they do business, the only thing that they do is advertising for them.

So buyer beware I would think twice before you jump into this company, I have no problems with the windows, but as you can tell there is mulitple problems with the empoyees and owners.

Since my original post I've had more problems and Window World will not go away......

Approx 1 year after this issue I had a phone call from the accountant from Window World she requested me to fax her my credit card statement showing when I paid the bill because (KIM) at Window World said that she didn't receive the payment. After I faxed my proof to the accountant , the accountant called me back and asked me "what did she do with the money?" I replied "I don't care, but she's got it"

I thought that was it, but I was wrong.....

Another year goes by and Bamm I get a nice certified letter from an attorney that (KIM) has hired to sue me for non payment. I go down to the attorney's office with my proof of payment, and it was dismissed no questions asked, and the attorney right in front of me called (KIM) and told her the reason for dismissal.

End of story right????? Wrong.....

Friday 08/30/13 <1 year later> I had a phone call from a dept collector from OH. trying to collect for Window World, I explained to him that the bill was paid and also told him about the accountant and attorney, he said that he has seen this before and for me to e-mail him all the proof , so I e-mailed him my credit card statement, attorney letter and the original bill that's says the bill is paid in full.

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I'm. Glad I read this.

I just cancelled my appointment with window world. :x


I've read this and several other complaints, and it's enough for me to stay away from this company. Aparently their product is questionable and their warranty and service are deplorable.

I'll try a different company. Thanks!


Too much information. You wrote a novel.


Don't hire this company. These *** of "owners" will go out of business soon, but these *** bags will probably open up another "window business". I can't stand *** bags like these people. If I was you, I would sue them. I'm not sure of your state's laws, but in some states you can sue under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and you can be awarded triple damages.

First, try to find out what these *** own. You can do a state corporate search on the business. Google like "llc name search in (your state)", find out who the owner or registered agent is. See if the business has any assets. You can look up their business address on the county appraisal district and try to find out who owns it.

I doubt they only have a DBA, but if they are operating under a DBA, then you can sue them personally.

Look on your contract and read all the fine print. Also find out who the contract is between. Is it only between you and the business?

Unfortunately, most of these *** know they will be sued, so they do everything in the name of the business and they put no assets in the businesses name.


I need 14 windows for my lakehouse that's located off the beaten path in a small city. Sounds like Window Worlds customer service is terrible.

I will not be using them.

Thank you got informing the public!