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I placed nearly 5K down in form of check that was cashed 2 days later on vinyl siding job promised to be done by Christmas. Cash down was expected in order to obtain supplies. Only front of contract was signed. ( back stated longer time would be required) . I heard no word from window world regarding date of install so early Dec. I started contacting window world and was PUT OFF over and over by one person or another. Two weeks after trying to find out what was going on, I finally heard from the manager , Greg, in the form of a message left on phone but when I contacted him back he would put me off saying he was eating right then or had to go just then and would call me back in am or in an hour always proving my reason to distrust for lack of follow through. He lied over and over about what day someone would be out. Finally it was coming down to 2 days before Christmas Eve and they had not arrived. At that point and about a week before I had begun asking for a refund due to lack of trust in the company to which one lie after another was offered. Finally I was offered a mininscual discount and told that definitely they would be out Tuesday to install. I agreed that if and only if the job could be completed by Christmas and with the discount no refund would be needed. Greg did not send an email as promised regarding the discount and the next day while I was at work a team of 3 men each unable to speak or understand english arrived at my home without notifying me first. My boyfriend witnessed them placing insulation in small pieces widely seperated. ( see photos). He tried to tell them to fix it but they did not seem to understand him. When I got home, there was broken vases , bottles , and treasured photo frames all over the floor ( this being the night before Christmas Eve when my family would be arriving to celebrate ). This area was where my dog stays in his pen. I did not sign the back of the contract nor was I educated about what was on the back of the contract where I would have been instructed to remove frames and objects from walls. They cut the vinyl and trimmed around nonpermanant parts of my home like the back porch rail ( see photo). They started with the back of the house and left all the debree and supplies all over my backyard which remained over the holiday with the job only partially done. My dog and my families pets had no area to go outside due to the debree and supplies. The debree was left 4 days after the job was done along with the supplies ( insulation and vinyl) that was not used. All of my new metal gutter was damaged. My less than 5 year old metal roof was damaged from the lack of care as they tromped all over it. I was suppose to have old vinyl removed with their more insulated vinyl placed over a back room but the vinyl is no different in the back than in the front and the insulation was poorly applied as already stated. Massive amounts of nails and debree was left all around every corner of the house. Muddy foot prints were left all over my front porch. The front of the house was not done until the Sat. after Christmas and please see photos as it was the most grotesque portion of the job- looks as if a 3rd grader was playing with plastic bottles and scissors. Also please see photos of their caulk jobs- grossly applied.

Although the job was unprofessionally done, even more unprofessional was the dealings that I had with the area manager, Greg. Also, the problem roots from a salesperson having no knowledge of siding and therefore cannot educate properly about process. Problems finalize when installers arrive who speak no english nor understand it and are not supervised.

Also the owner- per the area manager - gave explicit direction for him to not speak with my Marine Vet boyfriend regarding the job with the manager speaking very disrespectfully to him although I had already given explicit verbal instruction to him that I gave all permission for him to do so.


All in all.. if you want to change the look of your house .. invest in silly string or spray cheese.. at least IT will wash off!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Job done right! Gutter replacement and all windows and doors wrapped due to poor instruction on how they would look without it- free of charge! Apology! Major discount due to winter install. .

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pay peanuts, get monkeys


PS.. they opened my underhouse shed door with no need to even be near that part of my house and left it open.

They cut or damaged the cable line to my upstairs area.

Pieces of vinyl were found in trees and on ground all around house making it look as if a tornado hit.

The only thing GOOD I can say is that a long time employed window install manager named Billy was extremely courteous today and understanding while looking over the property today doing the job for the slacker vinyl install manager who did not do his job overseeing his staff and just happened to be on vacation.