Syracuse, New York

for this complaint, i would have multiple natures of complaints. Customer service is null and void by the local office.

Carrie is the receptionist who answers the phone. This purchase has been since september with mistake after mistake happening ever since. when the windows first came in november...first the windows were mis-measured and were delivered too small for window opening. the saleasman also had neglected to put down that i wanted the outside trim to match the other windows they had installed in previous orders.

consequently the contractor didnt bring a ladder to do the outside trim or the equipment needed to do it eiother, the contractor removed the old windows before realizing the new windows were too small. consequently the old ones had to be screwed into the walls to hold them in as the window tracks were destroyed when taken out. then the windows had to be jimmy rigged with large amounts of cxaulking to hold the old window in. i was "promised" by carrie the receptionist that a rush would be put on the new windows and thry would be in within 2 weeks.

they were not. when they finally came in a month later in december, again the receptionist Carrie screwed up the order ( she later admittred) and neglected to tell the contractor about the outside trim. now another month has passed and it is january . After speaking in great length with disteict manager , scott frazier, i was assured a contractoer would be out today.

Carrie set the appt for between 12-2pm. at 2:15 when there was a no show i called district manager who had just spoken to the contractor. the manager said to call him back at 2:30. the contractor did come today to install another window at a different residence only to come knocking at my door to tell me he could not do it due to a rotted frame.

i explained this was all discussed at the time of the sale, and that i had paid extera for a new frame work to be installed. he still could not do it. he also advised me he could not do the outside molding for either of the residences due to a broken "breake" machine. so althought the contractor came not a single bit of work was completed AGAIN.

both the contractor and i tried repeatedly to call the office with negative results. they have caller id im sure. i called their rochester office again explaining all of this only to find out carrie had gone home sick supposedly just l8ke last thursday when i was awaiting her call back as well.

the rochester office emailed scott ferazier at 3:00 which goes directly to his cell phone but as usual i have not heard back from him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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