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Writing on behalf of my elderly in-aws. My in-laws contracted for window world out of Creston Iowa to install 15 windows.

Work was supposed to be done before Thanksgiving but of was done three weeks later. The windows were installed from the outside the interior looks adequately installed. But the installers ripped apart the metal casing that covered the original wooden windows in order to intall new windows on the outside exposing the wood under as well as opening channels for water to infiltrate under the adjacent siding. They told my elderly father-in-law that was the only way they could install and they would have to pay extra for then to fix the damage they caused.

They are on a fixed income and they couldn't afford the additional cost. They were also charged a "lead" disposal fee of $30 per window because the house was build before 1980. Was supposed to be $50 per window but sales person supposedly "misquoted" so they had to "honor" the lower price. So now here they are with their budget windows installed, trashed metal casing/trim, leaky siding and left with trying to find someone at a future date to fixed all the potential problems the install created.

Do people have no pride in their workmanship any more. This is a snap shot of our society "get what you can get, from whomever you can get it from, and get the *** out.

Sad so very sad. Concerned son-in-law

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I would really like to talk to you about your concerns. Please contact me at at your earliest convenience.


Window World of Des Moines


We are sorry to learn of your disappointment concerning your in-laws experience with Window World.

Please contact us by going to our contact page at so we can discuss this in greater detail.

Thank you,

Window World


The installers are paid bare bones minimum to instal a window. You better check how the windows are insulated between the vinyl frame and the house frame.

They will cut every corner possible to move on to the next house. Ask your father in law if they followed safe lead paint removal practices? He should of rec. a booklet explaining what to expect.

My guess is they did not and you can get that money back or file a complaint w/ the EPA and local township official. The largest stores are currently suing the headquarters over a new contract they are being forced to sign. This so called "family" will be in the toilet soon (corporate greed). The FTC is fining them as I write this and hopefully will shut these crooks down soon.

At the end of the day, "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. NEVER EXCEPT A LOWER BID ON SUCH AN IMPORTANT PROJECT. Accept a bid in the middle is a safe bet" I wish your in laws well, and fight for what is right. File a complaint asap w/ the BBB and attorney general b4 they are broke.

Take pictures. Good Luck.