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I sent my wife to order a window. They reversed the width and hight of the window.

They would not stand behind their mistake. I had to eat it. They also will not stand behind their cash and carry. They tell me that I have no warranty.

They were not sold to me this way.

Window world of lakeland Florida does not care about you as a customer one bit. I would never recommend window world of lakeland Florida to anyone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We also never told the customer his windows did not have a warranty. Windows purchased from us on a cash and carry basis come with a lifetime parts warranty.


The customer's wife came into our office and ordered a window. She provided the measurements and signed that she understood that she was responsible for the accuracy of the measurements.

After the customer took delivery of the window, he returned to our office claiming we had ordered the window with the width and height reversed. He produced the piece of paper his wife had brought in with the measurements but he had added the words wide (or width) and high (or height) next to the dimensions. These words were not on the document when his wife came in. He then tried to get us to take responsibility for the window being made incorrectly.

We pointed out that his wife had signed and acknowledged the measurements were her responsibility. It is unfortunate when a company has to defend itself against this type of bogus complaint.