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I had decided to go with Window World-Baton Rouge to replace 24 windows in my home in Metairie, La. The sales person told me that ALL I needed to do to prep the areas was to remove curtains and move furniture.

He told me they load the truck around 7:30-8am and would arrive before 10 am. The contractor who helps our family came to be on site to help watch these men and to check for any issues he may need to assist in. I had the alarm company scheduled to come before noon to be there most of the time to help with any alarm system issues and reconnect each window. The men were 6 HOURS LATE..after numerous calls to Baton Rouge office I spoke to manager Robert..he said they would be there no later than 12:30....they arrived by 2:30.

Besides making mess and shattering glass into carport area next to my car...they have TOTALLY RUINED MY HOME ALARM SYSTEM..they claim they are not liable. UNREAL. The alarm men were to be there but had to reschedule to come the next day since WW was 6 hours late for installation. They ripped and tore wires in window areas and totally ruined ALL 24 window alarm contacts by prying them off the windows.

My contractor and myself were ON SITE to assist in removal....and one of the brazilian men pulled a custom curtain down AFTER I offered to stand there and hold it completely out of the way. UNREAL.......the alarm people say it will be almost $70 per window to install wireless now since they cut/ruined wires that were embedded in window areas.......HORRIBLE SERVICE........DON'T USE THEM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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Yes, they always did like these.

Don't use them anymore.


dont you love it? sales people tell you one thing of how to help and be ready, and how great it will be, and they send the marx brothers to do the install. :( :(