Frisco, Texas
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I ordered $3072.77 worth of double hung windows with lattice on Jan 4,2014 from the DFW Window World (WW) Office. The windows were installed on March 19, 2014. After install one window failed to open/close within 24 hours of install. After 3 failures and 3 service calls (same issue) over several weeks the Manager of WW scheduled an appointment to come out and get the serial number to order a replacement frame and window.

The manager rescheduled the appointment twice before he came out. Once out the Manager was here he said he would put a rush on the replacement order. I have now waited over 5 weeks (rush I think not) after he obtained the serial number for the replacement window with not a single call to update me.

on 5/22/14 I called to get an update and was told that they did not have anything in the system which I expected since during the entire process I have been the one to initiate every follow up phone call. They have not once taken initiative to resolve the concern. They informed me that the Manager would call me back but could not give me an ETA on the call back.

Billing: After 3-5 months of headaches, multiple calls, and wasted time a consumer would expect reasonably that the company would wait to bill me for the product since they have not gotten it correct from day 1 but NOPE I am still expected to pay my bill on time yet they don't have to give a quality product!

While I like the windows the install, follow up, and customer service have been a nightmare. Now I know why they offer such a good lifetime warranty for repair/replacement.

Unsatisfied Consumer

Shannon G.

Frisco, TX

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $3072.

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Just got a call back from Chad at Window World DFW. Come to find out Aaron (mgr) never ordered my replacement window 6 weeks ago as promised!

Excuse is that they have had turnover.... again. That was the excuse Aaron gave me for why it to so long for him to come out the first time the window failed. I think its just a handy excuse for their failure and that they never had turnover they just have horrible customer service.

Chad said he will order the window today. It may take 3 weeks to come in and that the owner is out of the country...

convenient don't you think. Still waiting on a call back from Jim at the Corporate office.


I just left a voice mail for TV station News Chanel 5 in DFW about this whole issue and the fact that I can not even get a call back. Terrible company I would never recommend you do business with them


I have left a message for the corporate office and have not received a response. I have l called 2-3 times over the last 2 weeks to the DFW office and they say that someone will call me back ASAP.....

I am still waiting. I just now called again and they said that the manager was looking up my account and he would call me rite back.....

Well its been 1 hr and no answer. I guess I will go to the local TV Station at this point!


Good luck..have you seen who owns this location? Worst reputation in the business.


We have notified the franchise management of your issue and asked them to contact you. Please contact Customer Relations at 866-740-2100 if you need further assistance.