Cincinnati, Ohio

I had Window World install 16 double hung windows with grids in my home right before I sold it, (to help sell quicker) The sales guy was very nice, polite, and seemed very trustworthy, he;s the only one that i felt this way about from the other companies I had estimates from, I had four other estimates. There warranty is great , everything is covered with no labor and it's transferable, which was huge because of my reason.

We sold our house and our new house needed windows as well. Of course there was no question who I was calling, Window World. I am very pleased with the whole process from start to finish. I would definetly recommend Window World of the Queen City to anyone lookin for great windows from a great company.

i even donated money to there charitable foundation for St. Judes Hospital

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Roger B

It was me I wrote it. But am no longer with them anymore. Yes I did make it to obvious didn't I


It is sad when you have to write positive reviews about your own company just to get a good one out there. LAUGHABLE!


super obvious someone from there company wrote this. at least make it believable. geez


This review was written by a shill, just so everyone knows.