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I thought the world of Window World. Family and friends had recommended this company for the windows and the price, however, beware!

My salesman was great. The price was great. The pain and suffering that I am experiencing now, is not worth it. I had my windows installed, 1 large picture window, 1 regular window, and a patio door.

The installation crew was OVERLY helpful. He caulked the outside of my house, reframed the patio door for free, and even helped me install the sensors back on to the window and the door. I was so impressed that I gave him a bottle of wine! His last words to me were- Make sure you call my boss and let him know that I did a great job, because I am not being paid enough.

He also let me know that he works for Champion and Window World. I was happy with my windows, until a week later, my house was burglarized. The way the criminal got into my house, was through a window. I did not get all my windows replaced, so the window he came in from was an older window- that had LOCKS!!

The window was locked! You could not see the window had locks unless you were inside my house and looking at the window! The burglar managed to open the window and jimmied it to where he could get in with the locks on. The police stated, this looks like someone who knows what they were doing and had been in your house before.

Of course, the last people that were in my house, were the window guys from Window World. I called the sales representative after the police said I could and let them know what had happened. He did state that they would work with police, which was great.. However, what stunned me was when I asked if Window World does any background checks on their installers..

NO!!!!!! This man got away with my safe, all my jewelry, my birth certificates, money, computer, camera.. totaling over $40,000!!!! BEWARE..


Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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I had Window World replace all of my windows in 2007. Earlier this year, I was half asleep, dozing on and off.

I kept hearing a sound like someone was throwing slush balls at one of the windows. My dog started barking like crazy, so I got up and discovered someone hitting one of my kitchen windows with a brick. The person was trying to break into my house, but was scared off by my dog (a very large German Shepherd). The only damage was the screen was torn from the brick, but the glass didn't break.

I'm very impressed with the quality of my windows. The salesman was very professional, and the installers were wonderful. I had eleven double hung, and one picture window installed, plus had the window trim wrapped with aluminum. I've been very impressed with the entire process, and even had a follow up a few months after the installation to see if I was satisfied with the windows.

I would have no issues with using Window World again, should I need windows replaced on a different property. On top of it all, I've been saving nearly 100 dollars a month on my utilities. With that in mind, the utility savings over the years since the installation have paid for the windows nearly twice over.

Overall wonderful experience.