Hamden, Connecticut

I have young children and rep from Window World did not test or mention lead safe procedures for my 100 year old home. Only company i saw that didnt do testing.

They are putting homeowners at risk for lead poisoning. Good price HIGH Risk. Paid more for saftey of my family. I think this company is cutting corners at expense of anybody who deals with them.

Window World is a much less peiced window but you get whAT YOU PAY FOR.

I checked a referral af recently installed cust. She said installer never tested and just walked windows through home unwrapped paint chips all over place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Window world assumes lead in homes pre 1978 they dont test they just use lead safe installation practice.Even their sales reps are lead certified not just the installers.You apparently let another company trick you into paying more for less.


Dang window licking kids!!!


sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. YOU bought a 100 year old home with young children.

You should take responsibility, it is not the responsibility of a winow installtion company to check the paints in your home.

It's your responsibility as a parent to think ahead of these situations. before you go blaming one of the few American companies left take a look at yourself.


I got 6 windows from them in Macon and I have 2 children under 4 yrs old. Not only did they do the lead removal and testing,but I did not know if they would ever stop talking about how dangerous it was when I got my estimate after they tested it.


The comments you have posted today warrant a thorough investigation. However, we cannot perform such an investigation unless we are aware of the Window World location that provided your estimate. Please call me directly at 1-866-740-2100 for discussion.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Manager

Window World Corporate

@Customer Relations Department

I worked for window world in Clarksville Tennessee done many lead jobs,took lead safety course, never once we're we warned by class director or franchise owner (Michael hoover) to protect ourselves in any way, we were told that as long as chips were not ingested that there would be no need for protection such as respirators, I've been experiencing very odd syptoms and am scheduled for testing next week