I am submitting this complaint on behalf of my mother. She has been a Window World customer for years and has always been happy with them. In fact she referred many people to the company because of how happy she had been. That all changed about a month or so ago. My mother called into the Cedar Rapids Iowa office and spoke to a girl by the name Amber. At first she was pleasant and kind then suddenly annoyed by the questions my mother was asking she began to huff every time my mother said something. She would then huff and answer my mothers question with sarcasm and disgust. At this time my mother put the phone on speaker so I could hear what was being said. The woman had such an unprofessional tone to her voice and was plain Hateful to my Mom. When the conversation ended we chalked it up to Amber was having a bad day. That was until a few days later when we called in again and got you guessed it Amber. She was rude right away to my Mom and kept with the huffing and saying UMMM WHATEVER when we would say something she didn't like. See at the time she was speaking to both my Mother and I on speaker phone. When we called her out and asked why she was so rude to the customers she said, " If you weren't all *** *** and used your brains then I would have to respond that way." I about fell over! I looked at my Mother and she at me Did she really just say that? We got off the phone with her telling her that we were going to contact the owner Heather. She said and I quote, "Try all you want Heather will never get the message to call you. See we girls in this office back each other and if I tell them to lose the message then they will." I honestly didn't at the time believe what she said. So over the next week or so we called and left several messages with other girls in the office for Heather to call us and when we were asked our name and number you could hear a change in the tone of their voice that they knew who my Mother was. Needless to say Heather the owner never has called us.

We began to talk to friends we had recently referred to WW and asked them their experience with the office staff. They said that at first Amber was kind when they called in and set the appointment they even told her PLEASE don't set this in stone we may not be able to make it that day. She said that was fine just to call the next day and let her know if that day would work for the "hik" ,I guess that is what they call the salesmen,to come out. And said she would just note the date and not even write it on the schedule. The next day our friend called in and said that she needed to do it a different day. Amber got so mad. She began the huffing and said Well what day works for you THIS TIME! When our friend told her that the same day the next week would work and Amber said to her "Well I will put it on the schedule but tell the "hik" not to Expect the appointment because I am sure that you will call in again to change the date." Our friend asked to speak to the owner and Amber replied , "Well they aren't here and wouldn't speak to YOU anyway." Our friend then said, " You know what just forget it. I don;t want to do business with Window World. Have a Great day Amber." Our friend then told us Amber's response FLOORED her. Amber replied, "Well *** we don't want to do business with your *** anyway. ***." and hung the phone up.

It is sad that because of this Amber that Window World is losing our business. We really enjoyed the quality of work they have done over the years. I tried again to leave a message for Heather Monday, even calling from a different number. My plan was to act like a new customer and then to ask for the owner At first Amber said We have a new girl in that department but she isn't trained yet So I can help you. I then said well can I just speak to Heather. It was at that time she said OH this is, said our name, isn't it? I said well yes it is. She said. " I told you that Heather wasn't going to speak to you. And she never got any messages from you so get the MESSAGE ***!" And slammed the phone down.

I didn't want to post this on here because Window World has been good to us over the years but I do NOT want others to hear what my Mom, our friends, and I have had to hear.

I hope that Heather goes on this page and sees this comment so she knows what this employee does behind her back.

Review about: Window World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Iowa City, Iowa, United States #1225398

These have been very helpful, I think I will take my business to Window Depot with a BBB rating of 5. Thank you all. Teresa of Iowa City

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #950333

Amber is a pothead.


I am an ex-employee of window world.This is how to deal with your issues.

Call ww national head-quarters and then file a complaint with good housekeeping seal.They pride themselves on keeping this status and head quarters will hopefully do something about it especially when you tell them you are going to good house keeping :) They are a deplorable company, the agenda is to get the initial deposit and then they don't care anything about you after that trust me!

Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States #885611

I highly doubt a company as reputable as Window World would continue to employee a person such as "Amber".All businesses know the customer service rep is the face of their company and wouldn't allow this kind of conduct to continue.

Sure things like this happen but once the company found out about it she would be fired.I assume their calls are recorded, if I was WW I would pull the calls to discredit this ridiculous account of your experience.

to S***pie #890475

I wish we had recorded our call to WW in Cedar Rapids Iowa.It was exactly as the reviewer described.

Our daughter had told us of problems with the installer as well as the company representative. My wife then called and as soon as she said she had a complaint the girl turned rude and wouldn't co-operate at all. She kept saying she found it "hard to believe" and acted like we made it up. Is "Scrappie" a pseudonym for Amber of window world?

Because your last sentence sounds a lot like her.And I wouldn't be surprised if those calls are missing from their records.

to S***pie #964644

They stood behind her on a lot of things that she should of been terminated for.They have a high employee turnover in this office.

They have lost a lot of good salesman and staff for unfortunetly, standing behind the wrong employees. There are employees within the facility that have the packed mantality, however it's limited to the installation department and those that they are friends with. The office politics in this facility are rediculous . As for the owners they are not often in the cedar rapids Office generally they are in Des Moines.

They are good people and they do strive to do right by there coroners, they just have poor employee management and bad judgement. The product is equal to the price. An they do stand behind it with the guarantee, that being said do to volume it's not always easy to get to services immediately. An often customers have to wait significant amounts of time.

Every business has week points. Theirs is management and poor judgement. This office is also understaffed and the work load wears down the good staff. This is not an explination or an excuse if this employee did speak to this customer in that manner just some insight to the dynamics of the office.

There are many Window companies in the area. I once was told " A window is a window is a window" every company has there specific detail that makes there window a nitch in the market.

Not to say that staff and customer service shouldn't weigh your decision but ultimately it's the product and the companies willingness to make it right when somethings gone wrong.Every business hopes it doesn't go wrong but in any home improvement any business for that matter it does.

to becauseintegritymatters9 #964646

Customers.. Have to love auto correct.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #879526

I wanted to take a minute to provide some perspective that may or may not be taken into consideration by all who have already posted on this thread, but I would like to nevertheless.I have known the owners of Window World of Cedar Rapids for many, many years both personally and professionally, and for what it's worth coming from someone nobody in the thread knows (Danny Thompson, part owner of Window World of Omaha and Window World of Wichita), I want to attest to the character of these owners because I was raised to stand up for what's right, and in this set of circumstances, I feel that means that I simply let everyone know, in a demeanor and stance as non-argumentative as is possible, for whatever it might be worth, that these owners are fantastic people -- extremely hard-working, down to Earth, caring, compassionate, fair people.

Certainly, they've worked hard to continue growing a business and building great customer relationships, but more importantly than that, they've done so the right way.

With any business, small or large, and across any industry whether it's retail, restaurant, industrial, real estate, remodeling, or any others -- there always exists an opportunity for things to go wrong. That's inevitable. I think what separates companies you want to do business with from the ones you don't is the way they react when things don't go as planned. I've never known anything of the owners of the Cedar Rapids Window World other than to always do what's right, fair, and accommodating whenever possible.

I've seen them bend over backward in countless situations, probably some of which it were altogether unappreciated, but even so to try to make something right when it may not have gone as planned, simply to reassure a customer that what they say and live is true -- that they are going to back their company, their product, and the customers themselves whenever possible.

I can't speak to this specific set of circumstances because I only know of this situation what I've seen posted in this thread, but I simply wanted to provide testimonial into the type of people and character these owners are so that anyone else reading can also take into account this additional perspective and hopefully consider it before forming an opinion of this situation or the parties involved.

I know the Cedar Rapids owners to be extremely accountable and unquestionably morally upright people, and that those two of many admirably defining characteristics of these owners will drive the resolution of this, or any other scenario presenting itself, as long as they're provided an opportunity to make good on any concerns, misunderstandings, or any other issues in the first place.They're truly great people.

My only request to those reading or who've already posted is to please put aside any perception or experience thus far and consider what I've said -- that they are the best type of people you could do business with and while not perfect (who is?....) will always strive to make good on their word and the customer relationships they tremendously value....as long as an opportunity exists to do so...

to Danny Thompson #890479

If they ever get the messages from their employees.We will see if they do anything.

Btw one of the windows was even installed upside down and had to ask another installer because he wouldn't listen. Another one was crooked and he said you wouldn't notice from most angles.

These things can be explained away with good intentions but the rude phone conversations were repeated.I'm sure you like them and consider them friends Danny Thompson, but when this much money is involved I hope people consider all customer reviews.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #879277


I am sorry but I read that original post as had so many other people.You said COMPLAINTS not COMPLIMENTS you have went back and changed your wording for some reason that shows how truly SHADY your company is!

I am ASHAMED now of the times I have DEFENDED someone in this area when they say some snarkey comments about your company. As our family stated before we were customers of the original owners and never had issues that is why we continued as customers when you and your husband took over. I am not sure why you went back and changed your comment but it must be to cover your butt for some reason. I am sitting here looking at my wife of 40 years struggle with heath issues as she lays in a hospital bed.

We are devote Christians and when AMBER spoke to her that way it caused such stress on her heart that her heart issues became worse. Now for you to backtrack and change your comment it enrages me that I have been so civil to you and so understanding. A little tip from a man that owned and operated a very successful company here in Cedar Rapids, " Employees are a dime a dozen it is the customers that make or break your company."

We have spoken to our legal counsel and have been told we have a case against you and your company because the phone calls were heard by more than 2 people and the way she treated my wife triggered her heart complications to act up. But what would that solve?

Would money make my family forget what your company did?

NO.So we are not going down that road however, we have contacted the BBB and word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement and we have let people know how we were treated by a company we have been loyal customers to for a number of years.

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