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I contacted Window World to request their $189 installed windows (as advertised on TV). The rep came out, told me about the windows, he spent about an hour measuring and re-measuring the windows, tried to talk me into more expensive windows and more windows and doors that I didn't want to replace...then dropped the bombshell.

The Government has apparently decided that lead paint is as dangerous as asbestos. Well...the rep picked a window with brown paint on it and took a little "stick" with some sort of solution on the end of it, cut a piece of the paint off a window behind the house (after he'd excused himself to walk around the house first - a little shady if you ask me)...and rubbed this little stick on the paint. He said if any red shows up that means there's lead in the paint. Guess what?

Lo and behold, brown paint, when rubbed by a liquid, produced red...hmmm...I questioned him...he said that because our house was built in 1962 it was unsafe and the installation would cost more - so, instead of the original $2120 to replace 9 windows, it now became a whopping $5000 or so...and to top it off, my family would have to go live in a hotel for 3 days for the installation! What a rip off - we ordered the windows, to install ourselves, he said it would be 2 weeks - it was a month. He said they'd be easy to install...yet the only thing they provided for installation was a packet of screws with each window - nothing on how to properly install them, no caulking, no moulding, no insulation for the underside of the window, yet the same price as they are charging people who (I believe) live closer to their office to install the windows. The rep at the office let it slip that others in our area had to install their own windows when she finally called to tell us the windows were in.

Funny. Because we live an hour from the office, our home has lead paint. My parents' home is about 30 minutes away from their office, and there is no problem. Hmmmmm again.

I think I may file a complaint with the BBB and let people know that they are practicing bait-and-switch advertising at Window World of Asheville...of course, this will be after I get my own test kit and see if there truly is lead in the paint on this house - if there is, guess I'll eat crow.

If not, I think Window World will be hearing from my attorney. Buyer Beware for sure!!!

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Y’all don’t have a clue what your talking about


I am not surprised at your problem with this company. Every day they have a fraudulent ad on television that states "the Red Sox are the greatest team in baseball." That must be on some other planet. They never have been and never will be "the greatest team." I can't trust a company that lies like that!


Mr Goggle, he tells all


Bull ***


Anything built before 1976 very likely has been painted with lead based paint. Built in 62 there's no question about it.

Due to current regulations regarding lead paint abatement the cost of any work involving it becomes much more expensive. That's just the way it works. And if you think that's expensive try running into asbestos and having it abated!

As far as Window World their $189 window is their loss leader. They actually do make some decent windows but not for $189.


That saves me. Thanks for being so senslibe!


What an ***! The reps test stick was right on track.

I have worked in the industry for 32 years. If you want to pay for cheap *** windows, you will get cheap *** windows. Anybdby with a brain knows $189.00 doesn't buy a quality window.

I love it when a "know it all" shows his stupidity!

***!!!!!!! :(


Joe = shill. And ***.


I think you should thank the current nany state administration for the lead paint issue


When you buy just windows, they don't come with caulk, molding, or insulation. They don'y usually come with instructions either, ***.


I have nothing but good things to say about my Window World windows I had installed in 2009. The rep that came out and did the measuring was up-front with me about the laws of lead based paints and that it would add to the cost of my windows if mine had lead paint.

My windows did have lead paint which added roughly 40% to the cost of the installation. I had 2 other companies come out and tell me basically the same thing that WW windows told me, nothing less, nothing more. All three window companies were very competitive in price, time needed to finish job and what had to be done on my part when they started the job, each rep that did the measuring and testing for lead paint used the exact same procedures and device. I think if you're the type of person that thinks everyone that does home improvements is shady they should get educated on the way things work.

Seems the OP of this discussion didn't do his home work. Also, if when they were out measuring and checking for lead the OP was so displeased with what the rep was telling him and everything else before he signed the contract, why didn't he go with someone else? Seems strange that after that first meeting with the rep that they would go through with the deal.

I'm guessing they still couldn't find a better deal at $5,000 and that's why they stayed with the Window World windows! I wonder how that crow tasted?




I love the comment about the "cheap little Stick" For anyone who has any information on the EPA's New lead renovation laws, That "little Stick" Is the only approved lead testing device approved by the EPA at this point. It sounds to me like they were spot-on on what they done on the lead test.


i dislike window world far more than most. i have been in the exterior home improvement business for a long time and never seen a more dishonest marketing approach, the 189.00 bit.

that being said the lead abatement deal is legit. It started being inforced earlier this year. basically on any home built prior to 1978 a lead test must be done to check for lead. that little stick is the cheapest way to look for lead.

what can you expect from the cheapest window company in america. If indeed there is lead paint on the home the EPA has instituted strict protocol on the abatement or renevation of the property.

the fine is a 35,000 per day offense. window world is a joke, but the EPA's new lead law is an even bigger one