Reston, Virginia

Hired Window World to replace all the windows in our home. Window install completed, following week endured tropical storm Fay ane the windows all leaked under the sills.

Apparently the installers missed a key step in the installation process, not just on one window but on all 8 windows. All the carpeting in our home was soaked. Window World initially claimed it must be our problem, couldn't be their windows. Then the Supervisor came out and pulled out one of the windows, with my husband present.

It was their problem and there was no denying it when the window was removed. They came back and pulled out every window and reinstalled them "correctly" with the proper caulking. They didn't offer to make any restitution with the water damage in the house. We have withheld final payment.

I have no confidence in these windows and now find myself crawling around on my hands and knees checking for wet carpets whenever it rains.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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We Used Window World of Chantilly. Biggest mistake ever!

They installed eight windows...they all leak...a lot! They caused thousands of dollars in property damage. This has been going on for three months now. We had to remove all the drywall and insulation from floor to ceiling around the windows.

There was so much mold, I couldnt believe my eyes! The laboratory mold results are off the charts. We have been back and forth them for 3 months. They are very defensive and difficult to deal with.

I am turning this over to my lawyer. With all the negative complaints out there, I would think there would be a class action suit against them.


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window world has mass trun over in sales and installation, dont use them,, also, they buy windows from the lowest bidder,, and they dont make their windows,, they lie. lie.